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    Need Help sizing up a potental purchase (M38)

    That was a POS! There are real M38s to be found. John is a good place to start. I do know of a very nice M38 for sale. Send me a pm and I can give you contact information.
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    Brake system overhaul dot3 or dot5?

    Dot 5 is the way to go. Flush the lines with air and make sure you bleed the system complete with the dot 5. The dot 5 will not have the problem with moisture as dot 3. Been using dot 5 for years, no problems. NAPA has it on the shelf in small bottles. The cost is not bad and I keep a...
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    1952 m38

    Switch for rear flood light
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    10 Things I've Learned Restoring My M38A1

    Number four, that's great..."JUST EMPTY EVERY POCKET" and we all love doing this over and over and over again. How many times have we all done this?
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    NEED A SOURCE: Vacuum Lines

    NAPA has a good selection of tubing that can used for vent and vacuum lines.
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    1952 m38

    Added lights
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Installing a pair of lights up front. Lights are mounted. Working on the wiring. I will post pictures on the thread for my Jeep.
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    Official '15 Ga. Rally Multimedia thread

    Thank you, looks good.
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    New M211 owner

    Outstanding! Love the M211. Great looking start and good story.
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Looking real good. DOT 5 for the brakes.
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    electronic ignition for 54 m38a1

    I have one for my M38. Works great. It came from the web site above. Two wires, easy install.
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    New Addition to the Fleet

    Good looking a1. The other MVs look good also.
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    m38a1 runs idles then dies on acceleration

    Some of the parts guys have old but good take out coils. Points & condenser first.
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    1953 M38A1 has no power

    Great Jeep, love the top. Please don't take it off. The notes from up top are good places to start looking.
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