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    HMMWV pick-up in Albany, Ga headed to NC?

    Anyone headed by Albany with room for an M1165-A1 to be dropped in Central NC? EUC finally cleared after 21.7 weeks. In that time my original transporter became unavailable. TiA!
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    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    USMC M1165-A1 HMMWV Auction 22apr20 Sent in final EUC edits 27apr20 GP submitted EUC 07may2 at around 18 weeks GP finally admits they have no clue where my EUC went at 20 weeks I got the "we will have to resubmit your EUC..." email EUC approved 21sep20
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    Tired of the EUC delay BS...

    LoL You may be right. But if initiating a congressional inquiry gets things moving, then it really wasn't "no control". :)
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    Tired of the EUC delay BS...

    I've had it with getting the run-around at GP and there being zero accountability in the EUC system. So, I sent the following to my Congressman. "Howdy Mark, I ask for your help getting government surplus property that was bought at auction and paid for 16 weeks ago released for pick up. This...
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    LED Headlight Recommendation(s)

    I've run a few types of headlights in HMMWVs. My absolute least favorite where the military JW Speakers. They put out such a tight rectangle of light that it meant zero peripheral vision at night. We have a lot of deer in my area. Such a tightly focused beam means you don't see the deer until...
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    Newbie Needs Advice on HMMWV

    He will because it is an 11 series A1. If it were an early 998 series truck, then A1 would mean a 3 speed transmission with high back seats and a few other minor upgrades. Then the A2 added more upgrades and the 4 speed. The 1152 are the newer series of trucks that all have 4 speed. The first...
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    Newbie Needs Advice on HMMWV

    Oh my... Where to start... Default or not? How much do you value integrity? Any at all = you committed to it. Honor your commitment. Maybe the thing to do is complete the purchase and immediately sell it. PM me if you might want to do that. I've been looking for another project truck. Drop in...
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    Newbie Curious What I Missed

    Here's a guide to converting from 2 man to 4 man. :)
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    Serpentine belt for 1165-A1?

    Thanks, Steven! Can you tell from this pic which one it is? And can you share both part numbers and where I should have looked to find them? I'd like to document them for when others ask.
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    Serpentine belt for 1165-A1?

    Howdy folks! Do you know which serpentine belt is used on the 1165A1 with 6.5L turbo and 400A generator? I've dug through every TM I can find and can't find a definitive answer for trucks with a serial number over 300,000 (mine is 313,7xx). I found an older TM that specifies a belt for trucks...
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Put my M1045A2 on the truck to go to it's now owner.
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    1987 m998 or is it?

    And if you are looking to buy a HMMWV, you can use this as a pre-purchase checklist of things to look for...
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    1987 m998 or is it?

    Not sure what the fight club reference was about. Identifying the model of a HMMWV isn't generally something that people are shady about. Ramson222, look for the model number on the data plate on the lower B pillar on the driver's side, and/or the loading info plate on the passenger side...
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