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    Question about wheels types....

    exhogflyer: Another option is to buy aftermarket wheels from somewhere like Boyce Equipment Co in Utah. They have two different wheel designs that fit the Deuce. They are pricey but you don't have to buy any adapter plates or the hardware to mount the adapter plates. Long's Wheel in Florida also...
  2. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    SCM35A2: I tried to contact BBQROD again today. His mailbox is still showing as full. He never responded to efforts to contact him at the restaurant. He has not been on SS for a year. Maybe one of the SS folks from Georgia would be willing to stop in and see him. The food at the restaurant seems...
  3. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    Folks: I emailed BBQROD on his restaurant website in Georgia. I hope to hear back from him. I also let him know his PM mailbox is full.
  4. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    Recovery4x4- Thanks for the tip. I thought the PM was the only option. I'll have to look closer.
  5. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    BBQROD posted a video back in 2014 of the lift kit installed and operating on a Deuce. The two gas struts look like they make raising the hood a 5 sec. task instead of climbing on the fender to raise the hood. All you have to do is release the hood latch and the hood goes up. There was a lanyard...
  6. greg burns

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    I was wondering if anyone still makes the kits with the struts for easily raising the Deuce hood. I know that BBQROD was making and selling them back in 2014. It appears that he hasn't posted them for sale since then. I've tried to PM him and received an error message that his mailbox is full...
  7. greg burns

    Scored My First HMMWV - Then Got Kicked In The *****

    FYI: There was an article published today that erroneously stated that since the vehicles will now come with an SF-97, it will be possible to get license plates:
  8. greg burns

    An Article Today about MRAP vehicles and NASA

    This was published on Jalopnik today: Moderators, please move or delete it if it is in the wrong place.
  9. greg burns

    Hardtop Insulation

    USMC-00-08: One of the folks on this site posted a link a few days ago for some insulation that seems to come in a variety of colors and sizes. I have not personally tried it.
  10. greg burns

    New Foreign Scout Military Vehicles

    The Jalopnik website has recently featured two new vehicles that look interesting:
  11. greg burns

    Installed "Those Military Guys" Folding Tailgate Ladder and Dome Light (24V)

    It appears that your photos did not come through. It will be nice to see how the installed ladder looks. greg
  12. greg burns

    Off-road Magazine Article about M109 camper

    It seems like the on-line version of the story is pretty much verbatim of what is in the print article. The rest of the magazine has some good articles but they are not necessarily MV related. greg
  13. greg burns

    Off-road Magazine Article about M109 camper

    searls84: It would be very handy to have a next door neighbor with his skill set! I envy the guys on SS that have that level of expertise and craftsmanship. Some like Zout seem to be able to do the mechanical, the fabrication, and the carpentry. The original magazine article has a good picture...
  14. greg burns

    Off-road Magazine Article about M109 camper

    FYI: This months issue (Mar. '14) of Petersen's 4-wheel and off-road magazine has a nice article about an M109 with a deluxe camper: greg
  15. greg burns

    new step ladder mounted

    A3 man: If you get the chance could you post a picture or two. It is a little hard to visualize. It would also be nice to have a price comparison. Thanks.
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