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  1. Guyfang

    need help 803a

    You might really help yourself, by looking up in the TM, just what you want, calling it by its name and knowing the part numbers and maybe NSN's. I can see several other things that are missing also.
  2. Guyfang

    First start up of MEP-003

    And now you know how the RESET program came to be. Too much equipment coming back from down range trashed. Units spending way too much time and money, with untrained folks doing the "repairs". The same could be said for some RESET programs I saw in operation. By and large, RESET works. But it...
  3. Guyfang

    Need M200A1 parts

    Gents, before doing a deal, look at the respective parts TM's and compare part numbers/NSN's. Will not take all that much time, and may keep you from screaming. Just looked a few things up. Brake shoes are the same. Brake drums not. Then looked at axles. Not the same. You also need to know that...
  4. Guyfang

    First start up of MEP-003

    There is a time and a place for ATF. Not for you Sturgis, but there is a time and a place. When a gen set came back from down range, often with low oil pressure, positive pressure on the crank case, bad response and so on, we indeed ran the sets for a half hour with ATF. This was a CECOM...
  5. Guyfang you like low flying aircraft?....then here ya go!

    I always felt good in the Herky Bird.
  6. Guyfang

    First start up of MEP-003

    Pull the cover off the AC box, look inside for mouse high rises. Rick has it right, you can turn it over without fuel, to get some oil flowing in the engine. What have you done so far to get the set ready? Clean the fuel system? Make sure the batteries are up to snuff. First time starting, use...
  7. Guyfang

    Fuel tank info MEP003

    Oh yea of little faith!
  8. Guyfang

    Reno air races 2019

    I am eating my heart out. We went to the Reno races 5-6 times when I was a kid. 1966 was one I will always remember. And we used to hike over the hills behind Yorba Linda, and then we would come in on the back side of the Chino air port. We always spent the night camped out at Dorothy's Peak...
  9. Guyfang

    Who besides MECO sells parts for the 600gph rowpu systems

    I wrote a while back, that WATEC also might be able to help.
  10. Guyfang

    Mep-003a fuel filter help.

    If I felt like the system was questionable, and were keeping it for me, I would take the entire fuel system off, and clean it. If it were my set, I would get some steel braided lines made to replace ALL the old lines. Costly, yes. But you will never, ever, have a fuel line problem in your, or...
  11. Guyfang

    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    Wrote something wrong here, and deleted it.
  12. Guyfang

    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    There is more to it then "just bolts on any 005A". If you buy a ASK, and it's not compleat, and most take offs, unless done by someone who cares, might not be compleat. The ASK is quite, but the kit will restrict your ability to do some work on the gen set. Even if the gen set is outside, you...
  13. Guyfang

    injection pump help!!

    Try reading post #3 in this thread. Also, the TM. On the flywheel there are marks.
  14. Guyfang

    MEP807A parts manual

    Now I see the problem. The -24 is too large to up load.
  15. Guyfang

    MEP807A parts manual

    Actually, the -24P is coded C, not for public use. I will see if I can post the -24 for you in the TM forum.
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