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    Grid Protection Device

    Did the TM's come with it?
  2. Guyfang

    Generator AUX fuel connections

    There are people who laugh, and say, "why would this little thing make a big deal? Well, you and mister dirt daubber haven met yet. After you do, you will understand.
  3. Guyfang

    MEP-803a not putting out the same power as a 7kw gas Briggs and Stratton?

    This is a must. Its cheap insurance, if the set is running good, and helps clean up engines that are fouled up. It helps clean up the fuel system, from tank to jug.
  4. Guyfang

    MEP-803a help finding the fuse for the FU1 Battery charging circuit for the alternato

    A penny wont fit. Below is a list of every part number that gets you the right fuse holder. If you cant find one to work for you, let me know. Call mouser. 000-8007-407 94756 005236 82199 0179946 30874 027505-0000 65597...
  5. Guyfang

    MEP-803a not putting out the same power as a 7kw gas Briggs and Stratton?

    How about this. Hook the gen set to the house. Turn OFF a bunch of stuff in the house. Leave the Air Con on. Then turn on the load. Let the air con tell you how much load you need to add. If the set takes the air con, then turn on another Circuit breaker. No big load. Just something to see if it...
  6. Guyfang

    Magical disassembling frequency adjustment cable

    An MEP-803A cable will do in a pinch, for a MEP-802A.
  7. Guyfang

    Magical disassembling frequency adjustment cable

    It happened from time to time. I replaced quite a few. Mostly damaged from being bumped into. BUT not always. The first one is a PITA, until you get it changed. Practice make easy!
  8. Guyfang

    MEP-803a IEC Receptacle - Stupid or GTG?

    Open to read comments.
  9. Guyfang

    Purpose of Synchronizing transfer on MEP-803a generator trailer

    The TM says that you can only use it for LIKE items. Two 802A's or two 803A's. In theory it should work. I have never tried it with two different gen sets. Hook it up and try it. This is the old style box. What PP, (Power Plant) did it come on.
  10. Guyfang

    Yanmar L70 injector pump

    What you talking about? Give me a figure and page # in the tm to look at, or better yet a picture.
  11. Guyfang

    MEP-803a IEC Receptacle - Stupid or GTG?

    I love Pin and sleeve. Thats all the Safety freaks here in Germany can use. The Cam-loks, I have never seen here. They look simple. They look easy. But I do not like the safety of them. Too easy to stick something like my grandsons finger into them. And you have to pay attention to how you hook...
  12. Guyfang

    parallel 803A's on MJQ-37

    Dubie, First, have you read the TM for the proper procedure to put the gen sets in Sync? There is an "Old Configuration" and a "New Configuration". for the MJQ-37. I have attached the TM. Go to PDF reader page #49, and start there. If you tell me you have read the TM and have followed the...
  13. Guyfang

    MEP-803A and water, a rebuild story...Hopefully!!!

    You will never find the mod parts in the TM's for the gen set. Have to look at the reefer books.
  14. Guyfang

    MEP-802a Low Alternator Voltage Output

    No, the battery charging alternators. Two different kinds were used on all TQG's. take a gander at the -24P TM. As they do not look alike, its easy to see what is what. The regulator pictured above is for the new alternator.
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