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    Pioneer rack mounting spot

    Look in the TM. If there is a place to install it, the TM's will show you, and how.
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    Galerie Active Duty

    Where was the picture taken?
  3. Guyfang

    Tracking a wire issue

    Might be in the parts TM.
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    MEP-006A For sale in AZ, 60KW 3 Phase

    This is not a standard MEP-006A. It may have started out its life as one, but it has been highly modified. So if you buy it, beware that trouble shooting will no longer be with the Army TM's. Doesn't mean it wont work. Doesn't mean its a bad buy. Just means that it is no longer a 006A and all...
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    The power comes from the DC system. The gen set runs just fine without an alternator. Battery power, or even jumped off from another gen set. If the set starts, you have the initial excitation voltage at hand.
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2021 - November VOTE HERE!

    Wait a minute! Anyone checked his drivers licence? Strip search! Up against the wall!
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    Tracking a wire issue

    Open to see comments
  8. Guyfang

    Tracking a wire issue

    Open to see comments.
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    Have you downloaded the TM's? Your problem is probably in the S9-1 circuit or the Static Exciter. Initial excitation is done by the start switch. After the main gen lights off, the Static Exciter/volt Regulator takes over. You are getting initial excitation.
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    Tracking a wire issue

    Who ever did the wire diagrams did an outstanding job! I attached a simple description of how the wires can be checked. From the pump to the Rear harnes connector, wire #654, output from the pump to the connector, Pin F. From the connector, pin F to the start switch, pin A. Where the wire...
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    Tracking a wire issue

    What model truck? What TM? Then we can look at the wire diagram.
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    18KW Drash Generator Help

    occasionally trading parts won't get anybody in really hot water either. :cool: Thinking outside of the box is what we called it. This is allowed in the Military. There is even a way to record this kind of thing. I would not consider myself an expert on the military supply system, by any...
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    Advice needed - new guy with MEP004A

    That's how you test things, IAW the TM.
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    18KW Drash Generator Help

    Tim, Part of the problem is this gen set is low density. That always causes problems. The Gov can not stock parts in every corner of the world, in hundreds of SSA's, for equipment numbered in the low hundreds, if that. Also, DRASH, and company's that make DRASH look alike's, use off the shelf...
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    Assistance Needed: MEP-803a will run for 15 mins and quit

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