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    Balancing Tires

    I wouldn't for fear of the stuff clogging the wheel valves and other works.
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    My first multifuel?

    I was wondering about that. I've never actually seen the low air pressure buzzer on my truck. Makes me wonder if it looks like that one.
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    The Modern Day M35

    Kia has been building licensed USA 2.5-ton and 5-ton trucks for awhile. I believe they're all still manual transmission but with a modern diesel instead of a multifuel. I'm wondering if they all have split-circuit brakes or full air brakes. I believe there was chatter in the 5-ton board about...
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    My first multifuel?

    What is that, some kind of alarm buzzer or horn?
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    Vintage pics of M809s at Aberdeen Proving Ground

    I just looked through the M809 operators' manual and didn't see anything about disabling the fan for fording. However, the manual says to limit speed to 3-4 MPH in 1st gear, low range. Maybe the speed limit is what keeps the fan and water pump from spinning off the truck? If you're that...
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    Vintage pics of M809s at Aberdeen Proving Ground

    How deep is the water you're going in? If greater than 30 inches, you should have the deep water fording kit installed per the TM.
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    Continental's CMD-350; a 350HP multifuel engine

    That's all I can figure, like a hydrauluc spool on an excavator, except it's spinning a lot faster o_O
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    M34 Active duty

    Forklift driver making sure he puts the pallet between the wheel wells in the bed :sneaky:
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    Current M35A2 value?

    I check Facebook Marketplace for prices every now and then and don't think the truck prices have actually gone up with inflation. It kinda sucks because right now I need another 1-ton van and my wife won't drive the kids around in a 5-ton wrecker :( Mind you the wreckers I've seen for sale are...
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    Continental's CMD-350; a 350HP multifuel engine

    Were there any trucks that used this motor, or was it just a one-off?
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    My first multifuel?

    Do you tune those voltage regulators? I've heard that's a lost art and solid state is the way to go.
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    M809 and m35a2 cabs same?

    I learned a few months ago that even though the cabs on the M939 trucks are wider, the rocker panels are the same as the M45, M39, and M809 trucks.
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    Towing 30k lbs?

    I think you'll enjoy it more that way too :driver: I'd be hesitant to use anything but a civvy truck to tow something like that, unless I really need AWD. Then I'd consider one of the heavy military trucks. Would any of the military tractor cabs be able to tow like this with the pintle, or...
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    Autodesk Fusion 360

    I just posted up a video that might interest some of you. As mentioned earlier, most of Fusion 360's storage is on the Autodesk cloud. The one exception to this is printing drawings to a PDF (saving the PDF to your computer in the process), then printing that PDF to paper. So I have about a...
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    Deuce Camo Active Duty

    I think that picture is backwards. The steering wheels and air cleaners are all on the wrong side :p
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