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    Dual Circuit Brake Engineering Thread

    Do you have that file? I want to see if that can be made without casting/printing.
  2. Heath_h49008

    Hydro-Max Brake Assist *pics added* (long read)

    The air-pack does 2 things... the hydraulic pressure opens the air to flow to both the air pack large air cylinder, and the line to the glad hand. So as long as you put hydraulic pressure to it, and air supply to it, it will activate the gladhands for the M-105 etc normally. Why re-invent a...
  3. Heath_h49008

    fiberglass hardtop

    Very nice! A cold weather version of a Carson Top. How is it for noise and leaks? If you had to change something, what would it be?
  4. Heath_h49008

    Hydro-Max Brake Assist *pics added* (long read)

    Yep... and it would solve any concerns about volume or pressure to the rears. Leave an airpack in the truck, run a line to it. The airpack is what controls the gladhands.
  5. Heath_h49008

    Adding Detroit Lockers???

    I'm thinking the best option would be ARB up front, and a single Detroit in the back tandem.
  6. Heath_h49008

    pressurewasher sandblaster attachment

    2700 psi doesn't mean much. How many gallons per minute? The way tool companies lure customers is pressure... it's flow at pressure that matters.
  7. Heath_h49008

    M135 Engine swap, Vortec chevy???

    Hmmm... but it does sound like a good idea for an M715.
  8. Heath_h49008

    Insane home Water/meth injection...
  9. Heath_h49008

    Insane home Water/meth injection...

    Yep.. works fine. Forget the corney keg and powering it with truck air. The 24V surflow pumps give all the pressure you need and are cheaper as well as a whole lot easier to plumb. As for the settings, use the Auber gauge and set the trip to 1000 degrees. The hobbes switch is cheap, but you...
  10. Heath_h49008

    M35A2 power steering possibly??

    Actually, I think he's close to a good system. $250 Sweet Servo $200 Assist ram Some welding, hoses, and heim joints Old Saginaw pump and a bracket to mount it. Instant power steering with cheap and common parts. If it fails, you still have the manual box.
  11. Heath_h49008

    Lds Injection Pump On Ldt

    I have the LDS pump on my LDT. She runs fine. But then again, I got it this way, so I have no baseline to start from.
  12. Heath_h49008

    Insane home Water/meth injection...

    Distilled water likes to pick up ions. (As in galvanic corrosion) Tap water works just fine. Ethylene/Propylene glycol works as antifreeze and doesn't interfere with combustion on the miniscule scale it is introduced. Oh, and the reason methanol is bad is the same reason Propane is bad... the...
  13. Heath_h49008

    LDS VS LDT and the real differences

    Also, stop looking at the LDS-2 as ANY comparison to the LDT. The LDS-2 was totally different, and IIRC not used in any common production truck. It was a prototype that went no where, and had huge changes to the fuel management system.
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