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    Happy 2020 Steel Soldiers

    Sorry about that only meant o do it once.
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    Military vehicle. radio group

    Bob, I don't believe that most mil commo gear is type accepted, in fact the FCC has no jurisdiction over government radio operations, that is all managed and regulated by the NTIA. However most non mil commo, as used by DOE, DOI, DOJ, etc. and for civilian contractor maint. / security...
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    Been awhile just a test. Hpwr
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    M37 light switch question

    Just a short note / reply to this topic; which I've just found, having worked in the electronics / RF fields for 40 years I would not use a conducting anti corrosive grease like NoOxId inside these switches, it conducts, one should use a Die Electric, or non conducting grease. NoOxId may make...
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    Steering, Tracking, Drift

    Thanks to all that replied, just came back from a 600+ mile trip, before I left I swapped the front passenger side tire for the spare (all five are basically new Firestone Transforce tires that previous owner had just put on it before I bought the truck last year). Pretty much fixed the...
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    Steering, Tracking, Drift

    Hello to all, have a nice 1010 with no real issues, but one slightly aggravating one. One a straight road, (whether crowned or flat) I generally have to use a slight amount of left steering pressure / correction, if I don't a have a slight drift to the right. This is very minor, but always...
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    Racal Headsets

    Kurt, Thanks that would be great, looking forward to the pics. Some years ago I built a Clansman (PRC320, etc) audio breakout / test box, and while building it I also set it up to be able to use Clansman's audio gear on US radios and Us audio gear on Clansman. The Clansman audio use balanced...
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    Racal Headsets

    Kurt, per my post I have it working and powered from the 174, just moved the power wire from pin F to Pin E in the U329, and dont use pin F, which the 174 doesn't have anyway. Many CX-13479 cables still on Ebay....although cost as much as the RA5000 it self. Thanks Again, Steve KM4V
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    Racal Headsets

    To all didn't realize there was a 2nd page to the thread; where most of this had been worked out got so excited when I found the schematis of the CX14379 I quit reading. Steve KM4V
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    Racal Headsets

    Kurt, You are correct, been fooling around with a couple of these headset for the past few nights, your post fixed my issue, didn't realize till I found this thread that the mic audio was basically balanced, grounding one of the mic lines to pin a fixed it. ow have the headset working on a...
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    MEP-003A Main Circuit Breaker

    For those of you who might need one, or as a spare; Found one on Ebay, NOS, $25.00 including shipping; seller has more. I bought one and its the correct unit, Best deal I've found. Ebay #321857281440 No affiliation with seller. Steve Hpwr
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    Adding Manual Dump to M101A1 Trailers -How I did it

    Acme66, Well having run heavy equip & driven dump trucks in years past I could see where that might happen; especially if the load CG was way forward in the bed, I would say that for this to work the load CG would have to be just slightly forward of the tipping point.
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    Recoating Vinyl Trailer Tarps

    FYI, Just found and bought a brand new camo cover from Mark Ficarra of John Johnson Company,, 800-991-1394; price was right @ $240 NOT including shipping; UPS shipable. Very nice guy to deal / work with; he stated thatt they had 2, one of which I bought; so that...
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