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    Humvee m998 differential output shaft play

    Hi, if you have up and down movement on the output flange (I.e the brake disc rotor) of a Humvee, no oil leaks, flange nut is tight. How do you get rid of this play? It's causing no problems, no noises, I just noticed that of the four output shafts one has play. Thanks
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    M916 6x6 heights

    Hi What height reduction bid removing the air horns give you?
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    M916 6x6 heights

    Hi it's the thought that counts! i did private message a member on this forum who has one on the standard 11r24 wheels and tyres and they did get back to me. it would rest on the diff housing and I would loose 10 1/2 inches. i had already factored in removing the exhaust stack ��
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    M916 6x6 heights

    Hi could some one with a M916 6x6 (cat 7155 transmission) standard wheels and tyres, let me know if you were to unbolt the frount wheels what would it rest on ie frount brake drums or axle diff case and what hight reduction would it give me having removed the wheels. i need to loose 19 inches...
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    Best quality oil filter for the Humvee ?

    Hi with so many makes of oil filter available for the diesel Humvee engine which is the best quality ie filtering price aside? Have seen on YouTube various filters cut open and the filter medium pretty poor in some.
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    55 in a m1070

    I thought I read on this forum that you can get different gears for the hub reduction in each wheel to get higher road speed. i also remember seeing a m1070 for sale with what the advert said higher gears in all the hub reduction. can any one elaborate on this ie how much and where to them and...
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    M1070 lockers

    Hi if you have all the wheels on one side on ice and the other side on the road (no ice good surface) in low range and power divider air switch in centre of dash engaged then in theory it would not move only the wheels on ice spinning. i have not owned or worked on the caterpillar powered ones...
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    M1070 lockers

    There is no cross axle dif locks on the us spec m1070. which is quite disappointing I guess Oshkosh had there reason.
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    Will an HMMWV Engine and/or Transmission fit in my M1009?

    Hi I did it the other way round m1009 engine in to Humvee if you have the m1009 engine then you can change all the parts over ie manifolds sump glow plugs. the non over drive transmission factory set up would be the th400.
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    Sherman, Hellcat, Priest Wright 975-C4 Radial

    I know of one for sale for $1200 or offers in the US pm if interested.
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    HMMWV Export Question

    Hi can not vouch for German but have not come across any military vehicle that is civilian owned in the USA that I could not export to the uk. i get a export license from the us government for all my us exports have shipped 1941 through to 1980s armour Gpw to m1070s. i even got a ok from the us...
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    Humvee pitman arm removal tool

    Hi does any one have a picture of the tool that is called puller kit in the pitman arm replacement section of manual tm 9-2320-387-24-1 volume no.1 part 2? looked in the tool section but no mention or pictures. in the manual it appears to be the same tool to do the lower wish bone ball joints too.
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    breaking free stuck lug nuts

    Hi do any of you guys have or use a 2stroke petrol Impact inch drive gun? have found it very useful and can use anywhere not had a lug nut it could not undo. did shatter a made in China 36mm socket though whilst trying. the railroad use them in the uk.
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    Any Sherman tank experts here?

    The industrial twin pack is a bigger transfer case as in the output casting is deeper it is a geared down out put i.e. Out put drive is slower then crankshaft speed. Also no fan drive tower or gears on the balance shaft/ cam shaft cover. and the tank version runs a triple oil pump
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    Any Sherman tank experts here?

    Hi the bunch of twin Diesel engines and transmission are they the boat/industrial twin packs? as these are different from the ww2 tank twin packs. if you could post pictures then I could identify them.
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