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    value of restored original MB vs. restored MB with repro body

    I know a lot of g503 owners who would have scrapped this tub. It's not pretty now, but you wait! I'm taking the time to restore it...cutting out bad metal and replacing it with good sheet metal. It's taking many years to do. When my GPW's tub is finished and the jeep is complete it will still be...
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    What to look out for when buying an MB?

    Being a long time member of the Gee this statement is true. Present company included.:-P
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    value of restored original MB vs. restored MB with repro body

    Original meaning a certain percentage of factory and period correct parts. A restored tub is still an original tub...a restored and rebuilt original WWII engine, transmission, transfer case etc. are still "original". A jeep with a repro frame, body tub, fenders, grill, body handles, seats...
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    Looking for a WWII Dodge.

    Anyone have a WWII Dodge they'd like to sell or know of any for sale? I wouldn't mind an early 1/2 ton, like a WC-10, or a later 3/4 ton WC-51. I wish to find one to restore one and not turn it into hot rod or rock crawler. Thanks in advance!
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    Beautiful 1941 WC-40

    AHHHH!!!! Why would anyone do that? It's ruined! It has little collector/historical value now. Sad.
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    What to look out for when buying an MB?

    I think having the data plates are a plus. Also, quite often, you can still make out the registration numbers on the hood...if not, be careful removing the paint in case they are under several layers of paint. The hat channels were mentioned. Look for a period correct engine. Sometimes GPWs had...
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    Looking for a GPW motor

    I'm looking for a GPW motor. Also, if anyone happens to have GPW motor # 2647 or # 104111 I definitely wish to purchase them! Thanks in advance!
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    Value of 1943 Willys MB?

    If you are selling this I am interested. Any chance we can talk about it?
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    value of restored original MB vs. restored MB with repro body

    An MB/GPW with an original restored body tub is worth several thousands more than one with a repro tub. There is a jeep part dealer in TX who sold an MB several years ago and it was made up almost completely of repro parts. I believe it sold for $24,000. (There are several guys dong this now...
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    halftrack guy found in minnesota

    Can you post or PM me the address so I can stop by there when I'm in MN in the next few weeks?
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    halftrack guy found in minnesota

    I am interested in the half track and parts. Can you provide any contact information? I really appreciate it!
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    Two Half-tracks For Sale (NOT by auction)

    I do now...should have read the apologies. I hate it when old "for sale" threads are suddenly resurrected! Still looking if anyone has any leads.
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    Two Half-tracks For Sale (NOT by auction)

    Interested in more details. PM sent.
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