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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Sure! Me too! Thanks!
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    MEP-802 and 803 Main generator tip.

    Oh, and thank you all for all the great info, and especially to Mr. Klopp for this particularly great tidbit about the MOV.
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    MEP-802 and 803 Main generator tip.

    For those still looking for the MOV's, Found this and just ordered some. Keep an eye out during checkout for residential shipping discount. Got ten for less than $8, shipping, taxes, and all. Best, Mike
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    Homemade load bank

    Hello all, Thank you all for some great info. Trying to return the favor I thought I'd post something that may be of interest. I recently got a 803 with low hours and needed to load it for break in and did not want to use the house each run, as well as better control over the load. A load bank...
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    Integrated Battery Chargers

    Just an FYI. I also mounted almost exactly the same charger in the same spot on an 803. After a 8hr. load bank, it did not seem to have heat issues. While I did not use a thermometer, it wasn't warm to the touch. Not cold, but not really hot. This was a concern of mine too. It appears to not be...
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    Thanks for all the good info. I think I can keep it under ten, but we'll see. I'll try to make it useful and informative. Thank you, Mike
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    Very good. Thanks. Soon to post a thread on a homemade loadbank. Wanted to be sure I could do this properly before I got into it.
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    testing for picture attachment, and layout
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    New member

    Thanks guys. Just did the account upgrade. Will post pics and more later.
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    New member

    I've recently acquired a mep-803a. Just wanted to say thanks to all for the great info. Have already implemented some suggestions. Will be back with details with more time and after I'm better acquainted with the manuals. 2012 model, 30.6 hrs. Never been on a site like this so please bear with...
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