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    9.00 X16 tires

    He COULD go to Performance Plus Tires' website and find Firestone and Speedways 900-16's with good prices and cheap shipping.
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    9.00 X16 tires

    This is not a store. It is a webforum. Use the information here to locate and buy tires.
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    Generator removal question

    With the light switch off, and the ignition switch off there shouldn't be any current flow. The cutout relay should be open in the regulator when the engine isn't running thereby isolating that circuit.
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    m37b1 front end aligment

    Toe in is the only adjustment. It is in the TM on page 2-132. 0 to 1\8 toe in.
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    Generator removal question

    Follow procedure on page 2-40 of the TM. Here is a link to the manual if you haven't found it already. You need TM9-2320-212-20 for these tests.
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    Generator removal question

    Edit. I need to check the manual to see if it is A circuit or B circuit to tell you how to full field.
  7. J

    Generator removal question

    You have the adapter. Full field the generator and see if it doesn't come to life. Follow the procedure in the TM. Then check the brushes. The genny is pretty bulletproof.
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    Generator removal question

    Offset box wrenches and sockets. The sucker is REALLY heavy. Be careful.
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    New owner. Need Military electric test adapter?

    Not easily without adaptor. I have a Sun WPW-10 setcomplete in box with instructions for $50 and actual shipping.
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    New owner. Need Military electric test adapter?

    The adapter sets come up for sale quite often. I have a spare set I was going to sell at the next swap meet in Jan. They are common enough I've ended up 4 sets in the last few years.
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    1951 M-37 generator won't polarize

    Flashing with regulator connected usually means now dead regulator
  12. J

    M37 water fording kit hose

    MWM sells the hose.
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    What have you done to your JEEP today

    Working on rebuilding the steering box. May need a new housing. Power washed the frame. Started fabricating a differential spreader so I can install the Power-Lok. Drained the fuel tank into my M37 so I can pound the dents out of it. Made some of the parts to repair the remote control.
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    M37 winch bumpers

    The top plate and tie rod of the winch help to tie the two sides together.
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    M43 will not restart

    If you have spark while trying to restart it isn't electrical. Spark, fuel compression. Something isn't right. Sounds like heat soak and flood. Put a REAL pressure regulator on the fuel line ahead of the carb. That little round thing everyone sells ISN'T a good choice. Holley makes a 3lb...
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