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    New guy from centeral NC

    PM inbound
  2. Kohburn

    New guy from centeral NC

    well if you are still looking and have the means to ship or are comfortable driving from MD - mine is up for sale. I moved to NC but my deuce is still in MD (have friends looking after it for me) even have a set of fmtv wheels/tires and adapters to go with it.
  3. Kohburn

    Windshieldframe and Wiper mod

    is that seal only on 3 sides of each window? or does it go all the way over the top as well?
  4. Kohburn

    Looking for information on buying and driving a deuce in va.

    hardest thing about the seals is just dealing with the weight of the parts.
  5. Kohburn

    How easy is it to use the Hi/Lo control on the transfer case ?

    push pull cables have been used for manual transmissions for 3 decades. I think they hold up just fine. for air you can rig up two cylinders to push in series. each with double throw (not spring return) energize both to pull and it goes into low, energize both to push and it goes into high...
  6. Kohburn

    Patracy's "SEMTT"

    you have my sympathy, my fun projects are all on hold also till i sell my house. hoping to avoid selling my deuce.
  7. Kohburn

    Deuce 3 Battery Setup

    if you use a vanner battery equalizer (good for battery health anyways) then use the 12volt tap to run a charge controller you can keep a bank of whatever number of 12 volt batteries in parallel charged as you want. I have not yet installed a 3rd battery in my box even though i did weld in the...
  8. Kohburn

    Deuce Skid Plates

    oooh 10 lug versions... will it be a hub step that you can wind a steel cable around to use the front axle as a self recovery winch?
  9. Kohburn

    Quick questions on M35A2

    if you want a daily driver that can use the same free fuel as the deuce then look into an older mercedes turbo diesel like a 300D - I've got an 87 3L and it will run all the same blends as the deuce (except straight gasoline, which is emergency situation only) (if you get one, get a 2.5L they...
  10. Kohburn

    How easy is it to use the Hi/Lo control on the transfer case ?

    push pull cable all the way - that or pneumatics/hydraulics (two cylinders with the air bled from the system should give very consistent movement and just have to run a hose or two) PS. good to see you post again - I've been wondering how this project was coming along since I still am hunting...
  11. Kohburn

    Cruisin' Southern Maryland For Veterans this Saturday?

    hadn't heard anything about it - what all is involved?
  12. Kohburn

    Maryland tags,title,registration

    gulfway is the way to go historic tags don't require an inspection if you get one thats already tagged/titled then its super easy otherwise you'll need the sf97 as for the license requirements, a 2.5 ton is just a standard class c, a 5 ton will need atleast a non-commercial class b or class a
  13. Kohburn

    Maxspeed3's Deuce Build Thread

    rather than using wd40 - use some ospho for the flash rust - you can paint right over the ospho
  14. Kohburn

    Front hub / bearing stuck!

    looks like you had the tool you needed the whole time.
  15. Kohburn

    Front hub / bearing stuck!

    blue wrench I'd carefully heat things up - just not hot enough to damage them, then try the hammer again. can also use a hammer and punch to tap around just the bearing race. to make a tool I would use a section of channel with a hole in the middle large enough for the splined shaft to slit...
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