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  1. kzeyus

    Questions on the M998 Hmmwv Humvee

    Rock auto sells the LARES 11430 steering gear for about $400. Just put one on my 86 M998 recently. They seem to go out of stock quickly.
  2. kzeyus

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    Asking price?
  3. kzeyus

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Certainly looks like should have been an April 1 task... Or something you'd see on a jeep!
  4. kzeyus

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Been catching up on maint last couple weeks. Changed the fuel filter, and it was NASTY! so drained the tank thinking may be full of scum, but it was clean as a whistle. Did manage to spill a gallon or so of diesel though. This is first time I've done the filter, kept putting off as thought it...
  5. kzeyus

    LTT-HC style generator trailer

    Contact info for the trailer dealer? Also looking for m116A3
  6. kzeyus

    A penny for your thoughts

    The defrost lever does pull out farther than the heat lever. Defrost lever, pull all the way out for defrost both windows, Pull all the way out and push half way back in for defrost drivers side only, push all the way in for heat out heater and foot ducts.
  7. kzeyus

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Thanks for attaching the instructions! Was gonna have to go search for those as have the kit, but no paperwork.
  8. kzeyus

    RPM question while driving

    Sounds very similar to mine
  9. kzeyus

    Interior noise. Soft vs hard doors?

    X doors do make a difference - much more rattling!
  10. kzeyus

    Red dot ac charging

    They are standard ports - may have grabbed a poor example photo
  11. kzeyus

    Red dot ac charging

    These are in the lines, 2 different sizes as on a normal A/C system
  12. kzeyus

    Red dot ac charging

    Mine is in a 998, but have two of the normal size AC valve in the lines near the evaporator. The ports on the dryer are where my low and high pressure switches are attached.
  13. kzeyus

    Full HMMWV restoration reccomendation

    East Coast - Mike Vaden at Black Dog West Coast - Steven Kavanaugh at Retired War Horses
  14. kzeyus

    3200 tow upgrade to A2 air lift bumper with reinforcement plate pintle mystery

    FYI: The shorter pintle hitch bracket for the Airlift Bumper with reinforcement plate installed is NSN 5340-01-506-7986 PN 12469170
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