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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Do you have any pictures? Sounds like we have the same specific version of M101.
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    S788 on m1101 +

    Between an empty M1102 (w/ or w/o shocks) and a loaded genset trailer, I've found they pull better with weight on the torsion axles. The S788 ought to have a high CG but pull well. And if it's top heavy you can lower it!
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    2017 Denton Buy Sell Trade

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    M116A2 Expedition Trailer Build

    Your project is looking good! I wish the M116s came with more space between the wheel wells so that S-250s (and sheets of plywood) could fit between them. Why they didn't improve this by the time the A2/A3 beds came out is beyond me.
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    Rescued a M101

    I hope you'll consider saving the Civil Defense insignia on your tailgate. I feel like that's a very interesting part of history that doesn't really have a modern equivalent. For my peers (b. 1985) and those younger than me, we really came of age after the Cold War and during the OEF/OIF eras...
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    M1102 with S250 (M11S250) Shelter Expedition Camper Project Start

    Did you ever get your ClimateRight A/C unit installed like you wanted?
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    S-788 in M101A3?

    04mustang may be able to help you with this question if you want to PM him.
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    S-788 in M101A3?

    That looks like an M103 instead of an M101A3, though. That trailer is noticeably larger than an M116-series frame. Not saying it won't fit...just that I don't think it'll look precisely like that photo.
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    AMTECH Helmet Hardtop for M1101 / M1102

    What is the interior height in your Amtech?
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    Another way to lower an M1101/M1102

    I'm about to attempt something along those lines. Trying to follow 1stDeuce's method, but I'll post whatever results I end up with.
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    mini cell tower

    Uhhh...and you do know you have to to post a build thread now, right? [thumbzup]
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    MTVR MK 30 Dump Truck Experience

    Keep a couple of those 277Cs in decent shape, will ya? I missed out on the last batch that came through but have been watching intently ever since. Glad it sounds like nothing got damaged that couldn't be replaced! I flew out of Atlanta on Saturday morning during a break in that weather...
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    New Guy With M151 A1s

    Looks like you MUTT collection is about to surpass your Massey-Ferguson fleet!
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Picked up an M1102 from a guy in Richmond back in September. Found a utility top on CL around Greensboro and discovered the seller was another MV enthusiast (Even said he'd owned a HET at one point). A little pricier than I wanted, but it was the correct height to sit inside of without...
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    Another M116 Mule trailer

    I like it! What did your fenders come off of?
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