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    Free Fuel? Yeah! Free.

    The diesel/old oil/water has been hauled away. Timothy
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    Free Fuel? Yeah! Free.

    I understand. But I also know that there is a large contingent of guys with multi-fuel vehicles less than a 2 hr drive from my house. You probably do not really want the drums because I think they leak. Timothy
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    Free Fuel? Yeah! Free.

    Howdy Central Texas Steel Soldiers! I have two, almost full, 55 gal drums of some mixture of fuel. I am fairly sure that one of the drums about 90% diesel. The other is about 90% water. With lots of used motor oil mixed in. I don't know if any of you can use this, but it is free to the first...
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    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    I might be available for one of the parks near Austin (I am kind of bored with Hidden Falls but could go there again). The Bend may be to far for me to go. Timothy
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    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    Time to check in again. Since it has been a while since I last posted here, I thought a refresh was in order. I am still going strong. Having fun the Pinzgauer way! Timothy
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    Anyone around east Texas

    Cool! You live near Barnwell Mt. I'm over 4 hours away from there. A deuce might have trouble on some of the trails, but not all of them. Timothy
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    Soon to be Mog owner

    Karl, That is a great looking truck! Timothy
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    Merry Christmas

    Here is my Pinzgauer dressed up for Christmas. Merry Christmas!!! Timothy
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    Pinz fun in the Texas woods.

    I had some fun last Sunday. 2012-10-21 Pinzgauer Zombie Killer Rocks - YouTube My Pinzgauer is Awesome! Timothy
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    may be picking up a pinz

    Bummer! Timothy
  11. LibTimothy

    may be picking up a pinz

    It looks like it has FL tags on it. Are you sure it is untitled? There is a buyers check list at this web site. Pinzgauer Trucks It helped me a lot when I bought mine. Timothy
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    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    VPed, I live right outside Ft. Hood. I'm not much help with mechanical issues, but I can offer some logistical support. Timothy
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    What does it take to stop a Pinz?

    How to stop a Pinz Wow! :shock: That is a bummer. Did it stop before it hydro-locked? You'll like this..... I even had mud in one of my headlights and in the side marker light. But, I think you won this contest. I'm sticking to high and dry places from now on. Timothy
  14. LibTimothy

    What does it take to stop a Pinz?

    Tim, I missed this post earlier... Yes the rear seats are new. I built a frame out of 2 in square tubing and bolted them up. They are really nice as long as the rear canvas is off. You can't see it but I also have new front seats. I got some nice Freightliner seats mounted in place of the...
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