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    Portable distribution block recommendations

    If you need 240, just tell the machine to produce 240 and forget about it. Don't even give the 3PH setting a second thought. Use the machine to do what you want.
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    Aftermarket fuel injectors

    Reach out to Gary Jones at Diesel Electric Services. See what he sells new LP injectors for.
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    Portable distribution block recommendations

    You can either mount a 50A box on your machine, or you can lop the plug off the power lead on the spider box, and wire up to the lugs that way (wires inside the main lead should be color coded to electrical norms).
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    Modern digital generator controller conversion?

    I am manual 100%
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    IBC Tote Setup for generator fuel supply?

    I would not use an IBC because of algae reasons. Sunlight helps algae bloom, and ULSD sucks for keeping the microbes in diesel at bay (sulfur did have a purpose!).
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    803A Hard to start

    I've never studied this hard line that closely, but its possible that its a brazed assembly (which could cause for minute amounts of material to flow through the joint and down into the tube.
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    MEP-802a leaking fuel.

    These short fuel lines can readily be swapped over to Gates 1/4" line (
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    MEP-803a "click" no start

    Look above, I provided the link to the technical manuals section, related specifically to your machine (MEP-803A).
  9. Light in the Dark

    MEP-803a "click" no start
  10. Light in the Dark

    Generators having been 'reset'

    My preference is original hour machines, mainly because the more people you involve in anything, the more chance for idiocy.
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    Help! MEP-002a starts then immediately the solenoid kills the engine-what all can trigger this???

    So for the LOP switch, all you have to do to test this is undo the leads off of it, and temporarily hook them together (simple nut and bolt will accomplish this). Without touching anything else, then try to crank it over and see if she fires. The temp sensor is going through the side of your...
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    MA MEP Fuel Gauge (88-21103 Beede 945331 6625-01-366-0193) - $50/ea

    Tired of staring at a dead fuel gauge? Nows the time to replace it with this OEM part.
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