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    Aircraft slave cable pinout?

    Start on the small pin side. The small pin is Positive The large pin beside it is Positive The large pin beside it is Negitive. Note: The small pin is hot, and is used to open the GPU relay, from the GPU plug to the battery.
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    High pitch whine above 40mph...

    It's just gear whine, wear may cause more whine, but it's just gear whine. All 18 wheeler type trucks have this whine, some more than others due to type of transmission, and amount of insolation in floor and firewall.
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    Oil change Aeroshell 500 Turbine Oil

    Aeroshell 500 is a thin Turbin engine oil, that is only used in turbin engines to lube roller bearings in the engine. Turbins have no thrust load on the bearings, and make no carbon or dirt. the oil runs clean due to no combustion entering the oil. The oil is about 10W, and is to thin to run in...
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    Canines and dueces

    My Boxer, and seat extension.
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    Just a rant and some info

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    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    I purchased my truck from an individual, with prev tag and title, just had to transfer it. 1. M35A2C $3,900.00 2. Paint touch up and rust preventive. $200.00+ 3. Exhaust Stack, Gskt. And Clamp $153.67 4. Cargo Bows. $120.00 plus hardware 5. Troop seats. $325.00 6. Pioneer Tool Rack (no tools)...
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    Ford Tractor Airplane Tug

    Try Steiner Tractor Parts at 800-234-3280, they have parts and might have info on your tractor.
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    Front axle air switch - again

    The black oil from the air switch is most likely comming from the air compressor, there is always a small amount of engine oil loss through the compressor. This is normal.
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    Battery cut off switch

    I installed a CAT master switch P/N 7N0718 $66.88 new form CAT. Installed in in the Positive cable, and located on the right firewall. Had to make one new wire from the switch to the starter. It has a key, (all CAT keys are the same) but the person wanting to steel your truck, will not have a...
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    Battery and Starter ISSUES - Lawd help us

    "the solenoid on top gets really hot. the large nut that i assume transfers power from the solenoid to the battery gets red hot every crank." It gets hot due to poor connection, the system will get hot at the point of the poor connection, or maby ahead of the poor connection. Banging the...
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    Why so little power?

    Thanks Cranetruck; You said it all. Lets hear from some of the members that have installed the Dodge Cummins 5.9 high HP/Torque engines into a Deuce. How do they perform? Deuce engines, farm tractor engines, and heavy equipment engines are designed to run at max HP rating all day long, at OAT...
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    Cargo Cover kit

    The corner Staves have notches or holes, for the locking pins. I don't know if there is any real differance in the cover. But my new GMA cover fits my dropside, they only offer one cover, and it fits.
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    Battery charging question?

    This has been gone over in great detail in the Deuce section. The main thing said, is a bad diode in the alternator causes this. Also check for current draw with everything off. I installed a Cat Master switch in my Deuce, and have had no more problems, and it gives me a key that can be removed...
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    24 volt Dome Light and Tail light bulbs - I found some

    You can go to Aircraft Spruce for 24 volt lights. Aircraft use a lot of them. or 877-477-7823
  15. M35Brown

    Starter Issue. Need help!

    Most all electrical problems are on the ground side! After checking the cables that cranetruck talked about, Check all grounds, Battery, Frame, Frame to engine, etc. Dont just look at them, Pull them, Clean them, and reinstall with new hardware if needed. Good Luck.
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