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  1. mdmorgan

    Short notice trip from Nashville tn to Macon ga

    Making a trip to Nashville, Sunday January 17 2021, to drop a trailer, I'll be bobtail on the way back to Macon, anyone need anything hauled south?
  2. mdmorgan

    MV of the month nominations Nov 20

    I nominate mdmorganwife's 1952 M37.
  3. mdmorgan

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    Kenny, I put your adapter cord in the rally trailer, sorry about not getting it to you before you left. It was great seeing everyone that made it, missed those that couldn't be there.
  4. mdmorgan

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    I made it, that's why your's is "missing". 😉
  5. mdmorgan

    Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally

    The wife and I will make every attempt we can to be there, but that's right at the end of the maternity leave we'll be on (we're supposed to go back to work that Monday) I don't know if we'll have any leave left to take. We may just have to come out for the weekend, let everyone meet the newest...
  6. mdmorgan

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    If it was "working" before, it's because something was sticking or binding. As it is now, it's working like it should.
  7. mdmorgan

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    In "backup mode".Flipped up for regular "tow mode".
  8. mdmorgan

    M270A1 mods

    Continuing the upper deck widening, ramps I had laying around the house. Nice low angle on the ramps. Bracing, bracing, and more bracing. Done just need to add tiedown rings. The reason for the deck widening. They all fit! I'm super happy with this trailer so far.
  9. mdmorgan

    M1101 Trailer Backing and Brakes Locking

    I made a lockout for mine, I'll try to remember to get a pic tomorrow.
  10. mdmorgan

    M270A1 mods

    Photo dump of all the mods I've made to my M270A1. Cut door, added winch, start of upper deck widening. Tight fit, but worked out great. Moved spare to the rear. Welded in new cross members to mount spare winch.New aluminum ramps, 14' long, 16" wide, rated for 12k per axle.Next few pics are how...
  11. mdmorgan

    MV of the Month January 2020

    I'm nominating my wife's (mdmorganwife) 1952 M37 w/ re-centered hmmwv wheels.
  12. mdmorgan

    MV of the Month November 2019 Nominations

    1968 M274A5 being piloted by the wife 😉.
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