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    CUCV Radiator Replacement

    Hey ssdvc, Did you install that radiator yet? How did it fit? - Disregard this question, I found your "new" thread on the radiator install... I bought a 1986 M1009 that is missing the radiator (stolen) and on the search for a replacement.
  2. mikev

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Wish you the best on your surgery and a full recovery!
  3. mikev

    RECO Defense is closed indefinitely

    I agree on a youngster taking over (they are our "future"). Unfortunately, Gary had no children reading his obituary and tribute. As I told his wife how saddened I am, but also angry that "evil" people seem to never die and "good" people like Gary are taken early...
  4. mikev

    RECO Defense is closed indefinitely

    All, I just found out (today) from Gary's wife Jane that Gary passed away last Nov 30, 2020 from a battle with cancer. I knew Gary outside of Steel Soldiers and he was truly a nice guy and an "expert" on all military commo from the 70's and 80's... She wrote me that they are closed and have...
  5. mikev

    Won a 1984 M1010 CUCV ambulance yesterday...

    Some "after" pics...
  6. mikev

    Won a 1984 M1010 CUCV ambulance yesterday...

    Well, put some time in on the 1010... Vacuumed interior, box and engine compartment. The Sheriff Dept stored several plastic banners that disintegrated from the heat, so it took forever to vacuum out the debris. Found a 1 quart canteen behind the driver seat! Thought I'd find all kinds of nuts...
  7. mikev

    Won a 1984 M1010 CUCV ambulance yesterday...

    Thank you m1010plowboy! I was looking in the wrong place... These are the auction photos (I'll post my recovery photos later) - notice the free "mold and forest barnacles" that came with it... My local sheriff department had it and I also won two MEP 017A gas 5kw gensets.
  8. mikev

    Won a 1984 M1010 CUCV ambulance yesterday...

    Hello CUCV Fans, I haven't posted in a long time, but check the Classified every day for "deals"... Always wanted a CUCV ambulance as we had them in my USAR M110 8" Self Propelled Howitzer battalion and were great on those hot / cold days and nights at Ft. McCoy, WI during live fire exercises...
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    Anyone live near Palmetto, Florida?

    Guy is selling a M59 cooking range in Palmetto, FL and I live in mid TN (762 miles). Wondering if someone would be passing Palmetto and coming to TN, AL or GA? This range is in a larger alum. box and appears to be pallet size (48x48). Would fit in the bed of a pickup. Will pay cash of course...
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    M149A1 Water Buffalo with A2 Tank.

    I was looking for parking brake cables for my M149A2 and the few vendors who had them wanted a "small fortune" for them... Since the cable conduits were still good, I was able to disassemble the cable ends, clean, lube them and re-use them (my handles were "frozen" though - had to rework them...
  11. mikev

    Picked up an M151, and need help finding a part

    Amazing, same thing happened to me looking at a M151A2 after opening the battery cover this past summer in TN... I killed several with starting fluid and passed on the Jeep as it needed too many repairs and it's history was "questionable"... (data plate not stamped).
  12. mikev

    My M925 is "missing" some rear dogbones...???

    I did notice the pumpkin offset to the driver side and thought "pretty tight fit there for left, upper dogbones"... As usual, you knew the answer Simp! Are M939 series cargo trucks like mine? Again thanks and "relieved" I'm not missing suspension parts...
  13. mikev

    My M925 is "missing" some rear dogbones...???

    Hello All, After reading horror stories of self-destructing dogbone bushings, I checked my rear axles. There are no top dogbones on the driver side of my 5 ton. No axle u-bolts, dogbone mount, nothing...??? Right side axles have the upper dogbones and corresponding axle mounts. Both rear axles...
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