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    24 Bolt torque specs?

    Do not just tighten the first nut to 85lb/ft, the pattern is not as important as pulling the two have together evenly, if done unevenly enough you will push the o ring out of its groove and it will leak, pay attention to how much stud is protruding out of the nuts as you go...
  2. Mogman

    Anybody titled a HMMWV in Texas lately

    OK moderators before you get your dander up I am not asking about anything illegal...... I would like to consult with anyone that has titled there Humvee in Texas lately, PM is also fine.
  3. Mogman

    8 weeks and counting

    No, I got the EUC about three weeks ago, picked up the truck soon thereafter
  4. Mogman

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Spent most of the day mounting 4 new ATs on 24 bolt rims with TrailWorthy bead locks, gunna be sore tomorrow (read I am getting old LOL) Just word of caution, I purchased two of the 24 bolt wheels from Trailworthy, they were a good deal especially when combined with bead locks and the wheels...
  5. Mogman

    8 weeks and counting

    Well, I got notice my "title" paperwork is on its way by FedEx, hope they do not require a signature...
  6. Mogman

    8 weeks and counting

    I wonder how long I should wait before whining about my SF-97??
  7. Mogman

    Converting a MEP-831A to standard generator

    I am not sure what you mean by reverse engineering, it is very easy to remove the phase switch, wire the 12 wire gen for 120/240V single phase and replace the voltage regulator with an aftermarket unit, this gets rid of virtually everything that causes problems on the gen side of the 002-003
  8. Mogman

    MEP 831 FAQ for owners or potential buyers

    What a piece of JUNK!! even after you get all the controller issues fixed all you end up with is a generator you cannot run inside (as with all generators) and despite the fact it has a solar panel to charge the batteries you cannot leave it outside because the slightest amount of moisture and...
  9. Mogman

    Brought MEP-831A # 2 home, Controller issues

    Thanks, I consider everything from the governor arm the the controller bard, including the linkage as part of the "controller" as it all interacts with each other.
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    Brought MEP-831A # 2 home, Controller issues

    OK I got #2 home today, filled it with oil, fuel, fixed the broken sediment bowl (replaced) and this one runs and generates but as SEEMS to be NORMAL it has controller issues, this one the "arm" will not rotate enough to contact the magnet, I am assuming someone messed with the pinch bolt that...
  11. Mogman

    24 bolt O rings that fit

    This is inconsistant with every procedure I have read, Teflon seals are cut that way but all the o ring kits say cut exactly at 90deg and use a bonding agent.
  12. Mogman

    24 bolt O rings that fit

    Yep but like you said, it ain't rocket science
  13. Mogman

    24 bolt O rings that fit

    I ended up cutting 0.330" out of the Fleabay o ring to make it correct
  14. Mogman

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    I put together the first of my 24 bolt wheels yesterday with a Trailworthy bead lock and new (2013 date code never mounted) BFG TA tire. So today I took it to the tire shop and it only took 1.5 OZ to balance, I am liking this combination so far!!!! Also looked pretty darn round on the balancing...
  15. Mogman

    PVC beadlocks

    I found a video, makes it look easy, we will see......
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