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    Purchased MK23 with no bed sides! Anyone have any connections??

    No, I sold them before moving to Texas...
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    MTVR key-locking outside door handles installation:

    No, sorry. What part of my description needs clarification?
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    Hello from Texas

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    Here's another great video on the subject: These guys are going after the offenders, and points out that it's a felony. A felony conviction means that you'll never own guns. You won't be allowed to vote. It will be difficult at best, to obtain employment and a place to live. You will have...
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    Finally had a chance to watch the entire video. Excellent, excellent, excellent video. I wish more people understood this stuff...
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    Good for you...
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    I'm guessing the OP is not a giant international car rental agency, lol...
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    Yup. And Tax fraud too- the offender lives in a state, the vehicle is based in that state, he drives that vehicle on that state's roads, but has not paid any taxes/registration/etc. to that state to do so. Within the exotic car community, there are folks that have tried it, because the taxes on...
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    I'm pretty sure that you and I do not earn our money the same way. I earned my money by running towards gunfire, when everyone else was running away. I have been shot, stabbed, attacked by pitbulls, and was retired by a serious injury in the line of duty that I sustained while protecting...
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    does the 6.2 need backpressure ?

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    And just FYI, those of us who actually buy vehicles off of GovPlanet, are not amused by non-paying bidders, who drive up the prices that we have to pay to win an auction, when they never had the financial ability to buy the vehicle in the first place. People like you, cost the rest of us a LOT...
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    They are probably forming a corporation in another state (a state with extremely lax motor vehicle registration laws), transferring ownership of your vehicle into that corporation, and then registering the corporation's vehicle in that state. There are MANY problems with that. the first of...
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    No they're not. Why would you think that?
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    Yeah, the OP's posts are really hard to read, with all the capitalization and puncuation errors, not to mention his "wall of text" lack of paragraphs. If he wants our help, how about he put in a reasonable amount of effort to make his posts easier for us to read...
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    MK 23, 7-Ton Lockers Question?

    I wasn't asking about Texas- I was asking about the law that you were referring to. Your link is to someone's summary of the law, not the law itself. I was asking for a direct link to the actual text of the law.
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