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    As said not military, early CJ-5, if the body is in any kind of good shape, that means it has floors and hat channels that dont need to be replaced, it would be worth something to a collector of CJ-5's...
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    1955 m38a1

    Wow thats a beauty, love the paint, what brand did you use...
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    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    Well when it broke I was at a show and it was in the down position or it would of been a **** of a time getting the things out of the back, Iam going to try to grind off the tops of the two pins on the arm lift that arm off too get too the last bolt and maybe MIG/TIG it back together, Ill let ya...
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    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    this one sez its GM and made in Mexico... NOS CUCV M1009 BLAZER NOS GENUINE GM TAILGATE REGULATOR 2540-01-158-8554
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    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    Well I tried that and no luck can't get the blade at the regulator, the top of the crank assembly is blocking it, it was a good suggestion just no luck, Iam looking at buzzing off the two pins on the arm and getting a new regulator, it prolly has been in the truck since it was built....
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    M1009 Tailgate Handle Broke

    I did a search first but nothing pertains to this, The other day when cranking the window down the clutch inside the handle broke I could hear it rattling around, the handle just spins up or down, the problem I have is I cant get the arms to move so I can get to the right rear bolt of the window...
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    Hello from Pa

    Go into the Forums, scroll down to UPCOMING EVENTS open that and you will find the thread for it. Or just google RED BALL MILITARY SHOW...
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    Hello from Pa

    Yes there is an active thread under upcoming events in the Forums, its for what you have for sale and what you mite be looking for... Its a great show.... 2019 Red Ball Military Show / Swap meet Gilbert Pa Sept 27-28
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    Hello from Pa

    Greetings from Allentown PA, If ya want you should try to make it to the RED BALL MILITARY VEHICLE SHOW coming up in Sept 27 and 28th in Gilbert PA .... 73 Scott
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    M151 Vacuum and Fuel line connection help needed.

    First thing you should do, is take the Fuel Filter off and get the proper fitting to install it, you should never screw it directly into the carb, you can crack the carb doing it like that.....
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    I will be in spaces D-1, 2, 3, and 4 ,,, For Sale items... GRC-106 RT-524 PRC-77 with the AM-2060 and all assesoeies PRC-660 UHF military aircraft frequency backpack radio. has issues M38A1 Rear Springs like new... Medium Tow Bar. no feet... GRR-5 Receiver... Jerry Cans, Shovels and anything...
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    RED BALL MILITARY VEHICLE MEET Sept. 21st &22nd Who's going? rEDBALL SWAP MEET SEPT. 21 & 22, 2018 West End Fairgrounds Gilbert, PA 18330 8 am - 5 pm
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    Engine running great then all of sudden dies on me

    If it stopped running like someone threw a switch and it spins faster than normal when trying to start it, it is the Solenoid (pink wire connects to) has failed ... Scott O&O
  14. mutt1966

    My Current Project a M38A1

    I dont believe how straight the front fenders are..... Scottt O&O
  15. mutt1966

    First MUTT

    The radio is the RT-834 for a GRC-106 the Top (what you would need) is the AM-3349 it is a HF set a little rare to see in the back of a A1, wonder where the top half has gotten too.... Scott O&O
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