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    Help identifying...?

    The Christmas lights and the Red Cross are previous owner add ons and I’m not talking about Uncle.
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    1964 USMC M38A1

    Welcome. Without a doubt Kaiser built these A1s from scratch. At the time, CJ-5s were being churned out in Toledo so the minor tooling changes needed for A1s would have been easy. Rebuilds were almost never done on manufacturer’s assembly lines.
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    Need help with the evolution of 5 ton trucks.

    My 10 cents: skip the ancient 5 tons for cross-United States adventures. Get a MTVR from California.
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    1952 M135

    She’s a beauty! Love mine, drove it everywhere back in the day.
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    2000 M1088A1 w/3126 no start

    I would grab my voltmeter and soldier b and have them press the start button while I measure for voltage present at the starter solenoid and relay.
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    M1161/ M1161 Drive axles

    What does that cross into, like a 4x4 Explorer?
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    Educate me on the dump...the M929 / M930

    The mil dumps are well suited to hauling stumps and brush with the tailgate configured in the rocker mode.
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    Sure no problem to pull it with fender on. Watch your distributor timing, it requires the gear go back clocked the same way.
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    Looking for salvage yards around Houston Tx

    Very much so, better than ever, even have an ebay store now. Not open on weekends. New Boston is also home to the Feltz tire empire.
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    Metric or SAE

    Its a mix. You will need both.
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    Carefully touch each electrical connection between the batteries and starter after prolonged cranking, the one that burns your finger is causing the slow cranking. If none are found your starter may be dying.
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    M939A1 Axle rating

    The axle ratings and the truck GVWR are two different things. The truck is rated to carry 10 tons. See the data plate on the dash.
  13. NDT

    M939A1 Axle rating

    Tandem rating 44,000
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    Replacing the CV Axles

    Try a really long box end wrench.
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    PA M38? for sale

    Original military arctic enclosure on it.
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