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    M816 hoist winch cable replacement

    I have a main hoist cable to replace on my M816 wrecker. I am using a three part line if it makes a difference. I have TM 9-2320-260-20-3-4 and it explains the change out well. I would like to have a new cable on hand when I take the old cable off so I can put it back together the same day...
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    2010 VIN Info Thread

    VIN search please O wise and all knowing Carnac: It would be greatly appreciated if you could shed light on the VIN stuff for my 5 ton General Products Div of Jeep Corp M816 wrecker. a: serial number- C12710901 b: registration number- 05B89371 c: NSN 2320000510489 d: where bought: Fort Meade...
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    30 kw gensets

    I had the same problem. You need the injector pump fixed. I just did this on one of my gensets. There is a plastic piece that holds the governor weights that goes bad and plastic bits get stuck in the glass check ball in the top of the pump. This is a big money maker for pump shops. You...
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    30 kw gensets

    Will try the pix again.
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    30 kw gensets

    I recently got a MEP005A 30 kw genset from Ft Meade and have gotten quite the education on these units. I didn't preview the one I bought in October and found the engine locked tight. Further investigation tells that loads of gensets are sent from Letterkenny to other GL sites to be sold. Many...
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    M146 Camper

    The M146 uses the same standard 2 1/2" :-D king pin as most all civvy semi's use and should hook up to any M818 tractor or deuce tractor. I believe it was actually designed to be pulled by the deuce tractor. The m146 is wired to be pulled with a military 24 volt tractor only and does not have...
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    What trailer is this? M870? or ?

    Thanks Ryan for the TM numbers. A search turns to what this really is, fsn 2330-01-534-4570. A MHET 40 ton capacity trailer M870a2-S. This is also known as a Medium Heavy Equipment Transporter. Empty weight 19600. The primary removable kingpin is 3.5-inch diameter with an alternate supplied...
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    What trailer is this? M870? or ?

    Can anybody ID the trailer in the first two pictures that is hooked to the M931 tractor? This looks like a lighter trailer than the M870a1 as in recent threads and also in the third picture. All of these pictures are from the Camp Pendleton CA site Marine Corps Mechanized Museum - Est. 1999...
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