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    Working On The M561 Gama Goat

    On those switch plates,yes Rich @ Mutt Parts is the supplier......but please note.... These were supplied to be an overlay of the original.....not a standalone replacement.....Just a tidbit of info...popacom out....
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    Working On The M561 Gama Goat

    Those old mech. flashers were true p.o.s. The early M-715 series as well as early M151 used these and I have converted a bunch yrs. ago....I have lots of good servicable t/o stuff along these lines if you find you need them......still looking for tow shackles & pins........drives me nuts....I...
  3. popacom

    Gama Goat Seat?

    Frames in good shape go 30-50$ the fiberglass shells used good shape 10-20$ apx. .......
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    7 Ton USMC truck info

    I am working with Caiman ll ,C-9 Cat,Cat trans.,independant susp.axles instead of solids,..etc. ...etc. which was an upgrade of Caiman I.....Bill
  5. popacom

    7 Ton USMC truck info

    I am lost ball in tall weeds on this one,but gonna throw it out and see where it leads.... I've been told by several sources that the Caiman II-MTV MRAP's and the current 7 tonner MC truck share lots of parts including wiring,guages,etc.etc.etc. I am trying to get copies of any TM's that...
  6. popacom

    Gama Goat Restoration

    When you can give me a yell...have most stuff you are probably missing ....My Goat carrier is originally 792, and I have most of parts I removed on heater etc. Also have a couple n.o.s. Amb. rear covers I think........Bill/popacom @859- 808-0836
  7. popacom

    Ft.Campell CUCV road trip pics....popacom

    We had a huge time out on Ft.Campbell CAN point p/u .Got 4- ea. M-1008 p/u's and an M-1009 Blazer........saw lots of military eye candy,and got to talk with Jason GL's Campbell rep. ..........super helpful and he even took the time to give me a call after we left to tell me he was pleased...
  8. popacom

    Trailer Identification

    Yep Bighurt ......:link to pic you posted was the one I was bidding on....just hopping to get a lead on where to find one to procure....
  9. popacom

    Trailer Identification

    I was trying to buy a low slung 30' electronics van off fleabay but lost cell connect mid bid and lost....anyhow the ad said it was a Tactical Mission Van trailer"...real low slung,kinda reminds you of a single axle beverage trailer in shape...and from what I gathered from data plates was mfg...
  10. popacom

    Brake master cylinder - kit number ? ?

    I am down on these now and my previous post is 4 yrs. old.......Lol price is 75.00 and ship is 18.00 USPS flat rate......PM me if interested...Bill
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    WTB Gama Goat parts

    I've got some stuff.....dismantled 30 or so years ago.....cherry pickef the keeper stuff just got some NOS winch kits....they are on classifieds...feel free to call...Bill/popacom 859-808-0836- Ky.
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    M1007 Suburban CUCV Conversion

    I wanted to throw my 2 cents in on this... The comment that this build was a "Southern" thing kinda grinds my groin a mite....almost a yankee kinda thing there I have built lots of mv's in my years in the hobby. ( started in 1974 ) And have caught lots of flak for some of my...
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    In which Pic are you referring? The Tan 718 in the last post belongs to another member ? Just sayin...........Bill
  14. popacom

    Antenna mount ID needed

    I thought I had an install sheet for that set-up but as yet I have not found it....Bill/ popacom:tank:
  15. popacom

    Antenna mount ID needed

    That is an early M-151 jeep corner mt. for an AB-15 Ant. base when used with the older GRC- SETS(tube type Korean vintage stuff) mainly the VRC- 8,9,10 RADIO SETS I had a couple hundred of them N.O.S back in the day......scraped most of em...nobody wanted the older stuff in their 151's wanted...
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