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    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    It requires a special fifth wheel skid unit.
  2. Postman515

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    Juan, appreciate it but those were a different brand. Thanks
  3. Postman515

    Looking For Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer

    ISO Of Hmmwv Fifthwheel Trailer Like One Pictured
  4. Postman515

    Are there Aluminum roofs that accept a M1025A1 turret? Aftermarket OK

    The only aluminum roof is the 1165 1151 1167 which doesnt require the turret support but does require a roof adapter to run the turret and will work with the older 10xx turret
  5. Postman515

    Aftermarket Slant Back Kit

    Even better yet the roof doesn't have a turret hole. Even less places to leak. I also sourced the Oem Mounting parts B pillars,, B Pillar Covers, seals,, snubbers, studs etc included with setup
  6. Postman515

    Aftermarket Slant Back Kit

    I have new oem setup with flat backwall- M1165
  7. Postman515

    Rear Seat Support/Base Alternative

    I have new oem original wedges still in the plastic. There the 1.5 " taller ones for the front. Ive installed them in the rear and makes the rear seating noticeably more comfortable
  8. Postman515

    GMV sponson top plate

    NDT, I didn't know that was you. Like everything Military surplus there's more of one side then another. They were a perfect fit on my truck too. I have a few more of the passenger side left.
  9. Postman515

    ID on turret hatch

    Ive had the those trays and hatches. There stupid heavy. Made for a armored Matv. Slam latch is quite a bit bigger. Bearing holes do line up.
  10. Postman515

    Help needed chicken shield and riser

    I have upa's and arms for shields
  11. Postman515

    ID on turret hatch

    That's for a oshkosh with a crows weapon system not a hmmwv.
  12. Postman515

    Hmmwv FHT Gooseneck Trailer

    Anybody have one or know of one?
  13. Postman515

    Milemarker Winch ID

    Ill be listing some of these M1113 Winches In the Parts For Sale Section
  14. Postman515

    Have you seen a M105 converted to gooseneck?

    I'm looking for one of the hmmwv trailers pictured above if anybody knows of one
  15. Postman515

    GOVPLANET/USMC latest EUC times?

    I just got an email today that GP finally just checked mine in. So for a full month my euc just sat In the inbox.
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