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    1008 surging problem.

    My friend who rebuilt it says I have to take the cover off and lengthen the governer rod that's what he thinks the problem is that way I don't have to pull the pump.
  2. ranchhopper

    1008 surging problem.

    Im afraid Im going to have to pull the pump off again and take it in.
  3. ranchhopper

    1008 surging problem.

    I finally got my 1008 on the road it has a strange anomaly with the engine I cant figure it out so I will see if anyone else has had this happen. I installed a new IP got the pump from my friends diesel shop he does good work on his rebuilds. I put the pump on and noticed a lot of surging at...
  4. ranchhopper

    Anyone live near the austin texas area?

    I have a set of six 16 inch dually rims that will need to be picked up from the municipal yard in a week or two. I will need them to be put on a pallet which I would be happy to pay for the time and effort then I will arrange for a truck to pick them up any help would be appreciated. If unable...
  5. ranchhopper

    CDR valve replacement - bracket modification.

    I got rid of mine I run a road draft tube off the filler down between the frame and passenger side inner fender.
  6. ranchhopper

    Anybody from the Albertsville, Gadsden Huntsville area

    I'm trying to buy a utility bed for the 1008 I bought a while back I found a good one in Albertsville and wondered if anyone was close enough to give it a look over. I found it on craigslist and am a little uneasy about paying someone for something I have not seen except in pictures and sending...
  7. ranchhopper

    Hi idle doesnt kick down

    OK and if that doesn't work I think I have a spare from a parts truck here somewhere.
  8. ranchhopper

    Hi idle doesnt kick down

    My high idle on the 1009 does not kick down even when warm I have it disconnected until I figure what is wrong with it. The plunger seems to stick you can manually push it back in when the truck is warm is there a way to lube them up or should I be looking for a replacement?
  9. ranchhopper

    Deuce crash in Winston-Salem, NC, 11/2017

    Problem is and wont end here the car driver was at fault period I drive a semi truck and a good part of my day constitutes avoiding dumb a$$e$ who cannot leave their phone alone. They will go after the deuce driver and now that someone has died because of his own fault life for him will never be...
  10. ranchhopper

    Using contaminated diesel?

    That's why the manufacturer of my skid steer does not recommend using bio diesel I just went and got 10 gallons on non bio diesel yesterday. Its 20 cents more expensive because like bio diesel its not government subsidized but way less problems especially in the winter.
  11. ranchhopper

    Air horn woes

    You have to be careful with them I have literally knocked little kids off their feet in parades with them the K5LLA is the loudest horn Nathan Airchimes makes.
  12. ranchhopper

    6.2 oil fill tube grommet

    Thanks Eric I should have known they would have it I bought my tailgate window regulators from them when no one else had them.
  13. ranchhopper

    6.2 oil fill tube grommet

    Does anyone have a PN or source for the oil fill tube grommet I had to change out the IP on this 1008 I just got and they had it siliconed in because they ripped the back flange off of it. I usually get rid of the CDR valve and hoses and take a three foot piece of one inch heater hose and make a...
  14. ranchhopper

    Strange CUCV Gen 1 light issue

    Thanks for the information I will try the rebuild it never hurts to learn something new.
  15. ranchhopper

    Strange CUCV Gen 1 light issue

    I figured that was going to be the answer I may just convert the truck to 12 volts like I just did with the 1008 be about the same amount of money to buy a 12 volt starter.
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