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    Moving from Portland Oregon to Waco Texas...

    You'll avoid the bad weather taking the I-5 route, soooo.....84 it is?!?!
  2. RangerBob

    New Mexico members check in here!

    Rio Rancho here.
  3. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 601

    You betcha. Brads the man. [thumbzup]
  4. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 601

    A Snot-Trac will not be graciously accepted...:burn:
  5. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 601

    All of my Thiokols (Imp, Sprytes, 601s, 4T10) have aluminum backers (I will verify that in the next few days), so I'm pretty sure they were standard. My 601 is the most 'all original' machine I have.
  6. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 601

    Did you get in? If not, email here... Also, for the main idler wheel (front bogie) try here... and here...
  7. RangerBob

    USAF Thiokol 601

    Been on the road for the last few years and not able to do much of anything. Currently in Alaska trying to get some work done on my Thiokol 1402 Imp. Regarding parts for the 1450, you should find many sources here... Tell them Bobcat sent you.
  8. RangerBob

    S-250 Shelter / Ham Shack Conversion

    My shelters (AN/TSQ-154A, AN/TRC-190A, AN/TRC-191A) all have the ladders mounted as seen above, but I store them inside when being hauled and when left unattended in a public access area.
  9. RangerBob

    S-250 Shelter / Ham Shack Conversion

    My turn... Two or three weekends ago, RGS20inophir helped move one of my S-250s from my secret desert location to my back yard. Last weekend I gutted it, now it's time to start the build. Going for completely 24VDC solar and battery power. The batteries are being built from 18650 Li-Ion cells...
  10. RangerBob

    Cooking on the H45 Heater

    Not about cooking... I have two of these H-45 heaters now and have been looking for a solid fuel conversion kit (or simply a grate). I have found one retailer that includes a beautiful adapter ring and grate with the heater, but will not sell them separately! Makes no sense (and no dollars for...
  11. RangerBob

    1954 REO M35 Recovery

    This REO may become Deweys' ride (snowcat hauler) in the near future.
  12. RangerBob

    Old Military vehicle locomotion trials

    Not this, since in general wheels are for weenies, although this is an exceptional set of wheels, but maybe one of the Rolligons in Boggies collection.
  13. RangerBob

    Old Military vehicle locomotion trials

    A few pictures of the land train in Whitehorse...
  14. RangerBob

    Old Military vehicle locomotion trials

    The land train north of Fairbanks is still there as of last month, and it looks like the owner runs a little tourist gold panning operation on the property during the summer. I should have stopped to ask what his plans for it are, but work gives me little time for roadside chats. The trailer...
  15. RangerBob

    What are these?

    Definitely the parts to the lower half of the radiator guard/grill. Will post pictures of mine in-place shortly. Here ya go... Looks like if you have a winch, then this lower grill is not used/installed.
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