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    I thought you guys might enjoy this.....

    It's really hard to watch but see if you can make it to when they try to weld steel to aluminum or when they weld a generator bracket to the frame 😱😱😱. Apologies if it's been posted, I haven't been here in a while.
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    Cracked U oil line thread??!-Cat-3116-getting-replaced&highlight=dieselpowerwolfpack
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    cab air springs

    Yes, the cab airbags have a shock inside. Here's the airbag if you need a new one...
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    Large format printed schematics

    Yep you are correct Coachgeo. You can combine PDFs in graphics programs like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw and blow them up to whatever size you want. I found it helpful to just print them out on cheap 11x17 paper so I can highlight the circuits I'm working on.
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    A0 High Speed Gears - Speedometer Dip Switch Adjustment

    My memory isn't that good haha. I'd probably start testing 1 at a time and then different combinations of 7,8,9,10.
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    Door handle ? What to do ?

    I did the same thing and it's been working great.
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    What have you done to your FMTV or LMTV today

    A little interior work... And a little tire changing....
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    FMTV Air Conditioner Hybrid Completed Installation

    Yep see above.
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    FMTV Air Conditioner Hybrid Completed Installation

    I updated my post.
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    FMTV Air Conditioner Hybrid Completed Installation

    Thanks Keith for figuring this out. I just did this install and it's working great. It was 90 here yesterday and it was blowing mid 40's at the vents. Couple notes: - The EZ Clip fittings I got didn't come with the green o-rings but you can get them at any auto parts store. - I wired the...
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    Has anybody put thier M1078 on a scale?

    I weighed mine today and it's 15,460 so you basically have to remove the stock bed to get below 16,000.
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    Howto get some info for a M1078

    Ahhh got it.
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    Howto get some info for a M1078

    This probably sums it up best....
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    FMTV High Speed Gears

    I posted this in another thread but it probably belongs here too. Here are the speedo dip switch settings for high speed gears.
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    A0 High Speed Gears - Speedometer Dip Switch Adjustment

    I finally got around to figuring this out. Took a few hours of messing around and basically just guessing but it worked out in the end. I tried the test in the VDO doc listed above but it didn't work so I just started switching and testing. Side note... you have to turn the truck off and back...
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