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    X doors

    Supply and demand...dont think for a second they will get cheaper.
  2. Retiredwarhorses

    Exhaust System Placement Question

    Why? If,anythin, just Install the last piece of the exhaust pipe from a 96-2004 H1. i have one or 2 here at the connects to muffle and route up over the wheel and exits at the rear left tire.
  3. Retiredwarhorses

    Overheating 🥵

    most fan issues “at least in my shop” have been listed in order.... -faulty thermostatic switch “note, do not replace w/Chinese knockofor” -bad TDM -bad solenoid on Cadillac valve -blockage in fan clutch line from Cadillac valve.
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    Water pump replacement

    That hose is for the newer style surge tank
  5. Retiredwarhorses

    Water pump replacement

    The plate gasket is available in the WP gasket kit from autozone..ES72674
  6. Retiredwarhorses

    Portal Axle Seal Help (in driveway now)

    Part number 5590745 is the one piece seal
  7. Retiredwarhorses

    Portal Axle Seal Help (in driveway now)

    The old seal is an aftermarket seal, the new seal is the POS 2 piece seal, the rubber is a dust boot that goes on the halfshaft itself after the seal is installed. That new seal does not look correct, the seal should be thinner IIRC...but I won’t and don’t use the 2 piece. I only use the OEM...
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    Pulse tech solar

    I had a battery explode in a customer truck due to that solar panal...panel was charging 36 volts, it was a mess to clean up.
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    M998 with 6.5 Wire Harness

    6.5NA A2 is missing the connection to the transmission kickdow switch, the A2 also has TPS connector. 6.2 and 6.5 detuned v-belt are the same engine harness.
  10. Retiredwarhorses

    Starter Continues to Crank Until I Disconnect Battery

    that and they aren’t rated for 24v....
  11. Retiredwarhorses

    M1101 or 1102 trailer wanted AZ

    I have a TAN M1101 here in Californi, SF Bay Area if you want to
  12. Retiredwarhorses

    M1101 or 1102 trailer wanted AZ

    I have a TAN M1101 here in California , SF Bay Area if you want to travel
  13. Retiredwarhorses

    Proof is in the pudding, a rear front hydraulic winch

    was just going to say that very same thing....I’ve used rear winch on the front and had to rewind the cable to pay out from the bottom.
  14. Retiredwarhorses

    Cooling fan freaking out?

    The fan should only come on for 2 reasons...lack of pressure or lack of voltage. Nothing else.
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