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    New M998 Owner - White-Blue Smoke

    your just wasting money if your not testing what you have...both tests take minutes to perform...
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    New M998 Owner - White-Blue Smoke

    More often than not, you can have one or 2 bad glow plugs and the truck will start fine, actually, I’ve seen trucks start almost perfectly in warm wheather with just 4 good plugs, you must meter all 8 plugs to determine if you have even one bad plug, I had a 1097A2 that started almost perfectly...
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    There was a 66" Ibis tek light bar on eBay

    yea, I was going to call you today about that....see what you can find For me.
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    There was a 66" Ibis tek light bar on eBay

    If you ever find one, I have the upgraded brackets for the 66”
  5. Retiredwarhorses

    There was a 66" Ibis tek light bar on eBay

    I have an extra controller cable to the light just need the power cable and control box and it will be complete.
  6. Retiredwarhorses

    There was a 66" Ibis tek light bar on eBay

    I got it...
  7. Retiredwarhorses

    There was a 66" Ibis tek light bar on eBay

    Thank you, I have the brackets for it, and maybe the control box, I already have 2 of these kits
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    HMMWV Ground Shunt

    This is actually a better solution than the fuel cutoff, the fuel cutoff will still allow someone to crank the truck, the NSS will not spin the starter.
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    What is the ideal Humvee for a starter?

    CTIS is garbage and they don’t come in HMMWV’s that the US military uses...the A2’s are CTIS capable though I believe SF had them in GMV’s...but not rank and file Hmmwv’s . AC is already in most of the M1123’’s standard In all new trucks.
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    What is the ideal Humvee for a starter?

    Your asking for a cheap truck and you have listed upgrades that will have you in the $30k range. buy an M1123 or M1097A2, they already have everything you want minus the turbo engine. Keep in mind, you can go it alone and venture into the auctions “good luck”, be patient and don’t post in 6 mos...
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    Installed new rear view mirrors on the X-Doors of my M998. I can now see the right mirror !

    I’ve installed these mirriors Once, I found them to suck..ever time door was closed it moved mirror, they rattled and were hard to see out of...
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    Air Leak Noise?

    Thats the water seperator drain valve...have you ever driven this truck before? Or A HMMWV. sounds like what your describing is the fluid flowing through your Cadillac valve,...
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    Still having starting issues. Glow plugs not working. Changed everything I can think of PLease Help

    that part number is for a LAU industry box...the absolute worst. I think most folks think you changed the engine harness, that is where the GP connections are, that harness you have spares the engine harness GP leads and uses a separate harness that plugs into the LAU might want to...
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    Fuel pump push rod

    They break for 2 reasons, stress and improper install of the fuel pump...Ive replaced several over the years. The pump will go on even though the rod and plunger aren’t aligned, the proper method is usually supplied with the pump. pack the rod with assembly lube to hold it in place fully...
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    My New HMMWV

    Already exceeding the acceptable speeds for this trucks design with that motor and trans. but I know everyone will chime in that they do 80 all the time....let her rip.
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