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    MEP 803A (120V to L2 but not L3)

    I have owned several 802 and 803 generators but this problem is a first for me. When set in 120/240 mode power should be to L1 and L3. The set in question has power to L1 and L2 but not L3 (L1 and L2 are both 120V to L0). To complicate matters further the voltage meter is reading correctly but...
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    M1040 Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

    I was at Ft. Lewis as a newly minted PV1 in 1984 when I first saw these. At that time I was a Combat Engineer (grunt with tools). I saw those buggies zipping around Yakima and realized I may have picked the wrong job. Thirty-plus years later they still possess an unusually high cool factor. Good...
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    Another way to lower an M1101/M1102

    Well written and documented with photos. I hope to be this organized someday. The over tightening of axle nuts must be catching. I picked up some M101s recently and after pulling for a few miles I stopped to check the hubs. Both hubs were warm each time and a quick roadside adjustment was required.
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    New member in WV

    I finally put an end to my lurking in the background. I have used this site to find TMs and tips for CUCV maint and to track down parts for some generators. Thanks to those that have posted and made manuals available on this site. I am recently retired from the army and have been...
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