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    FMTV Water Pump Belt Replacement

    After the rubber descintigrated, the fan would have to rattle around in there for quite a while to wallow out the fan center hole big enough for it to get past the lip of that center hub. I think the ones that go thru the radiator are the ones where the bearings, retainer or center shaft in...
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    FMTV Water Pump Belt Replacement

    When you turned the fan by hand did it slip where the rubber spacer is, or did it slip at the clutch? I have put quite a bit of force on mine and it does not slip/rotate... I think the sandwiched rubber was done as an attempted safety to keep something that jams the fan from completely...
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    LMTV Cab will not go down

    You want 10wt hydraulic oil in the system, otherwise known as AW32 hydraulic oil.
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    Diagnosing CTIS M1078

    The manual does talk about 2 solid lights not flashing. Maybe yours is not flashing. As MR mikey mentioned the controllers can fail in weird ways. But it would be good to make sure you are delivering all the pre-requisite conditions. You say the air dryer purges, that means the governor...
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    I have AWD but not 4WD

    I don’t recall hearing any click when I select mode, it should all be in the transmission. I guess the next thing you could look at is wether it is sending any pressure to the center diff clutch pack. There are pressure test ports on the bottom of the trans and transfer for monitoring the...
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    Seeking Experienced Consult on M1078 in Seattle Area

    What year is it? A0 or A1?
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    LMTV Cab will not go down

    That is not a safety lock, as it requires no action to lower the cab if it is fully extended(it just folds right up on it’s own). Its purpose is to keep the cab from going too far forward in the event of a cylinder or linkage failure. With normal rod end function, the cab does not lurch past...
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    LMTV Cab will not go down

    What Suprman said. if the hand pump isn’t firm/solid, there is a fill plug for it’s reservoir to the left of the handle mechanism. If the pump handle gets solid with the control in the “lower“ position but no cab movement, there is a restricted orifice inside the raise/lower control valve that...
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    Transmission cooler fan direction

    Well if it is a shrouded fan, they are usually configured to pull air thru the radiator/heat exchanger...
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    LMTV M1078 Wont start.

    No, you just had a bad NS relay. Two of the relays(NS and SF-03) are supposed to be 12V, so you need to get a pair of 12V relays from your local auto parts store and replace them. The reason why this is important is that the dropout voltage on a 24V relay is not very far below the normal 12V...
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    NOS rear brake chamber storage questions

    No, the fronts don’t have caging springs or park diaphragm chambers and only have two ports(service and vent)...
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    Caterpillar Mechanical Unit Injector tooling

    And for the particular procedure in this article(injector height/timing), a vernier caliper will also work, It is an absolute measurement from injector base to the top of the injector with the cam at a particular position. I don’t think the actual cat tool even makes this particular job any...
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    Chelsea PTO (Take-Off) for my M1088

    It uses an electric solenoid valve on the PTO housing to send pressurized oil to a clutch assembly, which couples pump to the rotating takeoff gear...
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    Different transfer case. Two speed ?

    Interesting idea, missed this thread in my reading. Replacing a 3070PT transfer with this 2 speed transfer would I think sacrifice the very low first gear which comes from the P6 clutch located at the rear of the upper transfer housing, braking/tying the last sun gear in the main trans to the...
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