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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    Actually forgot to mention, there was about 2/3 of a gallon of water in the tank before I started this entire process. I was surprised at the amount and assume that is not normal.
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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    The tank is back in, actually easier to get it back in than it was to take it out. Needed to replace the front bottom fuel tank strap, as it was previously bashed in pretty good by a rock or something. I'm sure that was how the baffle was dislodged from the tank. I siphoned the fuel back in...
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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    Yes I removed it, hope to get it back in by this weekend. Does anyone know if it is a problem that the baffle is not connected to the tank?
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    Really dirty gas tank, hope yours is not.

    I discovered that my gas tank needed dropped, maybe in an indirect way, but I wanted to post to warn others that they should potentially address their tank as well. The story started with my fuel gauge not working. After replacing the gauge, which incidentally was scratched and full of dust, the...
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    M1123 - Ragged armor holes on top of rear fenders

    I originally planned to tig weld, but didn't like the idea of grinding off the CARC, so I got some 1/8" fender washers top and bottom fastened with 1/2" long stainless screws. For good measure I put a bead of clear silicone between the washers, then painted. It can easily be reversed should...
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    In case it helps anyone having a similar issue, I jacked up the front wheels and performed the bleeding procedure, with the reservoir cap off, and with the engine running. It made a bit of a mess, but fixed it. Despite doing the bleeding process twice with the engine off, there must have had...
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    installing a batt. disconnect switch

    I installed a hidden disconnect switch on the ground side mostly as a security device, but I did notice the batteris would still go dead after a while, even with the switch in the disconnect position. To fix it I was going to put it on the 24v side but since I also have a 24v winch on a...
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    M998 starts but stalls out while slowing down

    Just wanted to say, in case anyone else is searching on the topic, I was experiencing the stalling when letting off the throttle, both at a stand-still and while moving. It started about 1 month after changing the fuel filter, and I originally thought there must have been some air in the system...
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    Its not necessarily bubbling, as there is no gas/air coming, its just dancing. The actual leak is from the tube in the nook of the wheel well, just barely peeking out in the center of this picture.
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    It does get noisy and when it does, the boiling action occurs. I was running it with the cover off as part of a bleed procedure I was using, that specified after 40 cycles left to right with the cover off and engine off, then to center the steering and start it up with the cover still off to...
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    It happens just before the steering hits a hard stop, but then goes away once it actually hits the hard stop, on both sides right and left. It could be air, and I might use the turkey baster method on the cooler to try and suck any air out if I can.
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    I understand why the fluid is leaking out of the overflow tube from the reservoir, however, I don't know why it looks like it is "boiling" the fluid under certain conditions. I've bled it twice now and there are no visible air bubbles, but when running it periodically does this: Is this a...
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    Hydro boost leak - vent tube?

    Did you ever find a solution? I'm having the same thing happen periodically, was wondering if it related to an incomplete air bleeding or a different problem?
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Given all of the gyms are closed, I turned my brush guard into a pull up station by placing it in my shed's rafters.
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    Adding a transmission drain plug?

    I got a dorman matching OEM profile pan with a drain plug. I didn't like some of the other pans with a different profile because when under the HMMWV, a different profile pan might be the first thing that strikes a rock from what I could see.
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