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  1. scoutmanadam

    MEP-015a ignition issue

    thank you very much, does anyone happen to know the o'reilly part number. I have searched some threads and cant find it and am away from my gen at the moment. thank you for your time adam
  2. scoutmanadam

    MEP-015a ignition issue

    hi everyone, I recently fired up my MEP-015a and noticed it was only running on one cylinder. when I pulled the plug wires I noticed one of the plugs was missing the phylips head screw, Is the screw the contact for the plug wire? I tried to get the other one out to check thread and size but...
  3. scoutmanadam

    So after 6 years of saving up I bought a BRDM2...

    That is really cool, congrats
  4. scoutmanadam

    915A1 now has new steps!

    Looks good, clean install
  5. scoutmanadam

    halftrack salvage yard in california

    I wish i had the problem of to much half-track parts. Cool stuff
  6. scoutmanadam

    Pacific Northwest newb

    welcome to the site, what part of washington are you from
  7. scoutmanadam

    Aftermarket Carb Question

    Pics would be great as there are many, many diffrant carbs out there. also, welcome to the site from another guy from Washington, and not far from you to boot.
  8. scoutmanadam

    M43 is home

    sweet truck man, looks in real good shape
  9. scoutmanadam

    New guy here, thinking of buying a CUCV

    If it sat for a long time drained of engine oil, make sure you really really watch oil pressure on first fire up. Sometimes they wont pump if left dry for long periods of time
  10. scoutmanadam

    New member in Louisiana

    welcome to the site, nice looking rig you got there
  11. scoutmanadam

    ATF red dye?

    in my state, if they dip the tank they do a chemical test on it if you dispute it. then, if you are running random things in there, they take a VERY close look at everything else both in the tank and the vehicle.
  12. scoutmanadam

    Intermittent Brake lock-up problem

    only the air side needs to be lubed, the other side has the brake fluid in it.
  13. scoutmanadam

    Hard Tops vs Soft Top

    i prefer the soft top, its easy to remove on a super hot day and its fairly easy to patch if it gets a tear. The hard tops i had always had a slight vibration to them that i couldn't seem to eliminate.
  14. scoutmanadam

    Hello from the Sandpile...

    welcome to the site. I totally agree with trying to make your first purchase through a private seller, it takes alot of the risk out of it
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