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    Fabricated rear bumper

    A local fellow has NOS rear bumpers. If you are interested, start a conversation with me and I'll get the two of you together.
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    RECO Defense is closed indefinitely

    Pvt Jarhead in the Reno, NV area disappeared a couple of years ago. He or an employee refurbished radios and sold them. There are still a few folks on the MILCOMM forums that work on rigs, but I cannot name specific people.
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    info on "Flame heater"

    Only activated from the cab by a dash mounted switch.
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    Paint Information (Codes and Sources)

    The 383 Green fades on horizontal surfaces but is still better than actual CARC Green. On vertical surfaces it is darker, and when wet all of it looks like the original paint job. Most of mine has been painted five years or so in South Carolina heat.
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    MKT-75 It started out that I wanted to make a tactical burger.

    Sounds like you need to get one of mt MKT-Info USB drives. I think the original thread was "MKT Thumb Drive" when there was only about 1.3 GB of files. The last one I sent out was over 5.5 GB, maybe as much as 10 GB with some other Distribution A manuals that I have in electronic format. It...
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    MEP 002a Not producing Electricity, I am looking for someone who is familiar with the 002a to work on it.

    Ray, he had about an inch of clearance total between the sides of the door frame. He made it look like a piece of cake! Chris walks on water with heavy machinery!
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    Hex bolt, brake drum to hub - replacement?

    The reason being, that the full size shank bears directly on the part being held to it's base, which is in rotational stress. Using threaded bolts at that point would allow a rotational movement which eventually would snap off ALL of the bolts at an inconvenient time.
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    Best way to wire up a RAK15 ration heater?

    Post #23 (above) says 24V comes in on pin (cable) A, and ground is on pin (cable) B, with Pin C not being used. The cable that goes to pin A must have a fuse in it because the unit does not have any other protection. If that is not clear, have someone else do it.
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    New to Me AN/MJQ-18 PP (2) MEP-003a

    Kenny, actually he rented it from a local Home Depot. Cheaper than the fuel for dragging it 1400 miles round trip. Chris is a very highly skilled heavy machinery operator! That MEP-002A is 32.5 inches wide and the door opening is 34.5 inches wide. He made it look easy! I'm very happy for...
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    New to Me AN/MJQ-18 PP (2) MEP-003a

    And as I write, Chris is headed back to NJ with a MEP-003 engine, two MEP-002 Generator heads, and a complete MEP-002 generator set. He promised to post pictures when he gets home (and after he gets some sleep), so probably in the morning.
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    Behr Paint Jobs- Show me your MV's

    FSS 24084 is the semi gloss version, if it were flat it would be 34084. Tell the people at Home Depot to look up "Competitive paints", scroll down to find "FSS" (Federal Supply Service), select it, then in the number part have them enter '24084' and press enter. Then tell them how many gallons...
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    t-136-27 ???

    Turbo deuce motor is rated at 139 HP, someone else will have to give you the max torque rating, but if I remember correctly the 5.9 Cummins can exceed it.
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    Starting research ld 465 1c turbo upgrade

    25 psi of boost in an engine that is running 22:1 compression w/o a turbo may be asking for trouble. Just something to think about. If your foot is easy on the pedal, it may last a good long time, conversely if you are trying to set a record sled pulling, you might not make it to the finish...
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    Question on turn signal

    Could also be corrosion as the housing is aluminum casting. I opened up a TA-312 once and it was like that all through the interior, closed it back up and sent it to surplus sales.
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