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    M35a2 deuce headlights

    What brand these economical LED headlights? I’ve been kicking around getting a pair for another vehicle but I’m reluctant to buy an unknown brand from Amazon or an auction site. I have Trucklite’s on my deuce and they’ve been working fine for 7 years or so. They don’t see much use anymore but...
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    M416 Civiian Wheel Interchange

    Resurrected... So, is there any issue with using M38 wheels and tapered lug nuts on a M416? I’d like to use common wheels, and I think the solid M38 wheel look better. I just don’t want any safety concerns. Seems to me that if I used some 7/16”-20 tapered nuts for lug centric rather than the...
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    What headsets were used in the lmtv/fmtv radio trucks ?

    Yes, that would be a VIC-3. If you want a solution that would be original for a US Army truck. If you don’t care if it’s original you can choose from any of a number of commercial intercoms.
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    What headsets were used in the lmtv/fmtv radio trucks ?

    It is possible, in which case it is probable they had a VIC-3 intercom system in their truck. A number of headsets can be used with a VIC-3, Bose Triports are common.
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    What headsets were used in the lmtv/fmtv radio trucks ?

    A SINCGARS in VRC-88/89/90/91/92 configuration would be correct. A H-250 handset is appropriate for use with SINCGARS. I’ve been working on Army radios since 1996 and I have not seen a M80/u mic in servIce. There are some out there and It will work, but it is not widely used.
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    Lockheed T33 well some of it

    Nice work. Very cool just to have that around the shop. Is the cockpit complete?
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    Papakb, nice install. I’ve got one as well, but only in PRC-119 configuration. I picked it up with a vehicle set in mind, but never finished collecting the parts. What’s the small box below the radio set to the right with the two U229 connectors on the face?
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    I agree, I overlooked in the first part but included later. I mentioned, “A RT-1439 is an earlier non-embedded crypto model...” in a follower post. Non-icom 1439’s were the first model I was trained on as a young Signal Support Systems Specialist years ago.
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    Sounds like a nice install. You should post some photos of your set-up and details of you speaker adapter if you haven’t already (link?). I always hear good things about Clansman radios, I’ve been tempted to pick up a couple since they won’t be on the market forever. I’ve seen the prices...
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    Correct display with a VIC-3 is limited to somewhat modern radios, which means $$$. Empty SINCGARS cases are out there and not terribly expensive if you want display only. You'll need additional components to make it correct such as a mounting base, vehicle amplifier adaptor, associated cables...
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    Not all VHF is license only, MURS is available but I can't think of a vehicle mounted military radio that is obtainable and able to transmit on MURS. Might be something out there. Which Clansman radio and are you using it with a VIC-3 like the OP is looking for?
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    Looking to buy a Radio for my Humvee

    Are you looking for a radio for display, or something functional? Which band(s)? Like papakb, I'll also offer a word of caution. Be wary of any RT-1523 series SINCGARS and any US military Harris radio variants. They all have embedded controlled cryptographic capability, and if you find one that...
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    Some old photos for seco

    Welcome SecoParts, glad to see Seco pop up here. I bought some 5-ton parts from Seco in 2011, I think I bought some later too, maybe around 2012 or 13, but I only have pictures from 2011. Nice folks, I think I spoke with Byron If I’m remembering correctly. My experiences with Seco were always...
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    Wood soldiers? WWII Barracks ID

    I hated staying in WWII barracks in my younger days, but I now feel fortunate I had the chance since they're disappearing. The barracks I stayed in at Ft Knox are gone. The barracks I stayed in at Ft Lewis are fenced off and condemned to be torn down last I heard.. I think all the WWII building...
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