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    Utah Wanted: Czech Military Surplus Metal Storage Bins

    I will take a look around. I know they were also used by the Danish Military so I might be able to find some, I will keep a look out.
  2. TehTDK

    European scrap - salvage yards and parts suppliers

    Geez Robo, Those trucks and jeeps looks brand new compared to the rusted and busted up shit we auction off here :P. I take it its Mercedes G-Wagons or similar vehicles produced on license?
  3. TehTDK

    Securing your MTVR? anyone installing locks? ignition keys?

    My plans are a keyed ignition switch, lockable door handles and then combat locking the passenger door from the inside so that it can't be opened even if the handle is unlocked and tugged on. And then in addition to that lock up my toolboxes.
  4. TehTDK

    Air up to shorten start up time?

    I would love this feature on modern trucks as well. I have seen my share of truck leaking air so badly that they empty out the tanks over night, but does keep air during the work day with the engine topping up the tanks via the compressor. Needless to say its not optimal in any given way, but...
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    Looking for information on multimeters, regular or one that also clips around wires? Don’t know much so brand, if permitted, model etc thanks.

    Fluke is the Rolls Royce of Multimeters, but for most and general cases a regular cheap ass multimeter will do for basic troubleshooting. I trace wires etc on my car and have settled for just a el-cheapo multimeter for 15 USD which gets the job done for the time being.
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    Interesting article on "right to repair" of MV's

    Just read the article and that kind of legislation is insanely stupid. But I regrettably think we are fighting someone of the same kind of battles here across the pond. Our army mechs are attending training at Scania, MAN etc to certify on their vehicles so that they can fix them INOP. So we can...
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    Robo, I meant the words on the picture you posted of the drivelive :). And can that driveline actually lock its various wheels together?
  8. TehTDK


    Robo, mind translating the words on that picture into english? If you know that is :)
  9. TehTDK

    Lone Star Drift - Youtuber with Humvee vs. Jeep

    Ah so that's what's its called :). Same trick sorta applies for modern AWD vehicles, or that you have to keep throttle on, for the ECM to discover that there is wheel slippage and vector torque/power accordingly
  10. TehTDK

    European scrap - salvage yards and parts suppliers

    Truck Sealand in Padborg/Flensburg near the Danish/German border has loads of Danish Surplus MV's though only trucks
  11. TehTDK

    MRAP Buffalo Trainer

    What were these trainers used for?. I know the Danish army contingent in Iraq etc used US Navy Cougar HEV 6x6 as actual units when deployed. But we had 1-2 Cougar JERRV's located at the Army Combat Training Centre to be used for driver training and familiarisation. While not trained on one I...
  12. TehTDK

    Self inflating tires

    Self inflating tires?, How is that supposed to work
  13. TehTDK

    How much is too much fuel

    That image is pretty normal for a turbo powered engine ;). Its when they get whitehot etc you should start to worry.
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