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    M939 CTIS Reprogram, Anybody Done It?

    I’m still hanging around but can’t do much on my own as the 5ton we have is pre CTIS. Perhaps developing an arduino based module would be worth the effort? ��
  2. The HUlk

    M923A2 Electrical Issues - No STart - No Power

    Is it possible the cables were reconnected incorrectly?
  3. The HUlk

    Edgewood KY Fourth of July Parade - 2019

    Everyone is welcome to bring their MV’s to Patriots Landing in Dry Ridge after the parade.
  4. The HUlk

    I overshot neutral into Reverse

    Sorry to to hear about your trouble, what a bummer thing to have happen. You may be able to drive it somewhat but I’m thinking there’s major damage. And metal shavings worked all through it from driving it broken. The converter is probly full of metal as well. I’d say the shortest path by...
  5. The HUlk

    M939 Transfer case reseal

    Go to page 384 of this .pdf which is section 142-1 of the first volume of five service manuals...
  6. The HUlk

    No brake Lights

    Yes the brake lights should work with the switch in the Service Drive position as well as the Stop Lights position. I'm guessing some contacts in your light switch are bad.
  7. The HUlk

    "Categories of Risk", or "When Everything is Emphasized Nothing is Emphasized"

    Driving is far more risky than most folks realize. It's almost always a 1 on the first digit. The second digit varies wildly due to the many situations that occur on the road. When the roads are icy it's a category 11 but some folks will drive in this situation regardless just to get fast...
  8. The HUlk

    "Categories of Risk", or "When Everything is Emphasized Nothing is Emphasized"

    The Darwin safety system. It's worked for centuries and continues today even with labels.
  9. The HUlk

    "Categories of Risk", or "When Everything is Emphasized Nothing is Emphasized"

    I am often surprised at how little attention is paid to things that are quite high in risk. Like the driver who was looking down at her phone and totalled my wife's new car recently (no injuries thank God). Even though that was seemingly category 3? on the proposed scale, the potential for...
  10. The HUlk

    "Categories of Risk", or "When Everything is Emphasized Nothing is Emphasized"

    How about discussing the potential safety hazards of hypothetical situations? I'm thinking category 4 or higher.
  11. The HUlk

    M939 CTIS Reprogram, Anybody Done It?

    I knew somebody would eventually get some documentation on this, nice.
  12. The HUlk

    Deuce startup!

    Great news that it started and operates, a testament to the reliability of these vehicles.
  13. The HUlk

    Deuce startup!

    Front end looks like M809 series 5-ton to me.
  14. The HUlk

    Deuce startup!

    Don't mean to sound like captain obvious...the following be be helpful: ether, basic tools, access to a wiring chart(should be here somewhere) & a meter, something to air up tires if needed, etc.
  15. The HUlk

    Picked up some nice trouble lights

    Gimp, you should mount those down in the suspension area before Haspin.
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