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    1/4" thick cork sheet or square cork for m35 axles

    NSN 5330-01-133-7262 or just "military cork gasket" Lister has "OBO" on his ad so maybe you can get them a bit cheaper even...
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    1/4" thick cork sheet or square cork for m35 axles

    Packs of 50 available on Ebay for $16 and ready to be installed...
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    1953 Gasser dash panel question-What did they look like?

    Got a picture of the back of the panel? There looks to be a couple of screws not associated with gauge or light brackets. Curious as to what they are holding in the upper and lower-left positions from the upper-left gauge (can't tell what gauge through the lens...). Are there marks...
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    1953 Gasser dash panel question-What did they look like?

    That looks like an M38 dash panel with an air pressure gauge hacked into the space below the speedo normally occupied by the high beam indicator light.
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    MRAP wheels on 5 ton?

    @SandBar If your goal, as stated, is better on-road handling you are better off sticking with duals. Duals will provide a much more stable on-road ride for you. Unless your "rare" off-roading includes a lot of deep mud or very soft, marshy ground you will be surprised how capable duals can...
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    What have you done to your 10 ton this week?

    Damn! Wish I had buddies with "spare" 10-ton trucks just laying around...must be nice :p
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    Wheres all the M35A2's at??

    Also check FB Marketplace. There's always a few on there. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
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    all lights but marker lights

    @jdchristianiii Unless someone has messed with the wiring prior to you, here is how U.S. military light switches work "from the factory": As you can previously stated get front parking lights OR headlights. That is, unless you either splice, rewire or (as I have done...
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    What batteties are recomended for use in the 5 tons and deuces?

    Group 31's in both my Deuce and 5-ton. Both start up fine even during Michigan winters.
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    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Didn't do it this week, but over Christmas I added a Haldex A72420-style alcohol evaporator on my '52 so I can fire her up for some enjoyable "refreshing" (she's a no heater truck) below-freezing drives without any frozen air line issues in-between snows and whenever there is no "Truck...
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    M-52 Recovery

    It's a Leopard 2. Looks like a CAF 2A6 as it appears to have the additional boxes on the turret bustle that their 2A4's did not have, at least from the factory. Easy way to distinguish a Leopard (1 or 2) from similar-profile MBT's (like the Abrams) are the distinctive triangular-looking...
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the month December 2020

    Dear Santa Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be allowed 4 votes for December MV of the Month? PLEASE?
  13. TheQuaker

    MV of the Month December 2020

    Dang it!!! Now you've done it!!! You guys are killing me with all of these great wreckers!!! Guess it's time to go check out the one I came across nearby... Thanks a million fellas... :) Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
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