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    X doors

    They rattle loudly, and require immediate rebuild to be anywhere near acceptable. They need locks to be added, and once you add them they need to be manually locked from the outside for passengers (and re-locked when they leave) each time. I like the look BUT I hate the actual doors. I am...

    Softer suspension on M998 (? )

    Hard front springs with soft rear springs make for an uncomfortable ride, IMHO. I prefer matching it all up. YMMV. Best, T

    Wheel O rings

    So you're gonna place new 300-500 buck tires on a $20,000 rig and you don't wanna protect them with new 10 dollar "O" rings? Hmmmm

    Softer suspension on M998 (? )

    You should not just change the rear without also changing the front with matched caliber springs. Best, T

    Where do you draw the line $$$

    There is no line... Just a gray fuzzy area beyond which the wife might start screaming (if she ever finds out).

    Starter Continues to Crank Until I Disconnect Battery

    Now is a perfect time to install a rebuild kit. If not, sand all contacts with 300 grit and re-assemble and see what happens. IMHO T

    78 inch (or any) halogen IBIS Tek light bar

    Many of us. Which lights are you referring to. Directional. Headlights. Tail lights. Side marker lights. All of the above? Please be specific. T

    Rookie here! Purchased a Hmmwv Jan 2, 2020

    Autozone sells shafts for 99 clams apiece. You need two identical rear shafts as they are the same length. You need two different size shafts for the front as they are asymmetrical. I think the autozone shaft numbers are as follows but I cannot remember which number fits which axle. One of...

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    In my case it was power steering fluid in that area. Best, T
  10. TOBASH

    HMMWV Hood Lift gas shock - anyone MADE one?

    Sometimes cheaper is more expensive. 250 clams ain’t bad. By the time you template, make parts, break and replace trial run pieces and car parts, and account for you time, $250 might turn out to be cheap. Best, T
  11. TOBASH

    Interested in buying a 90 6.2 Hmmv with 59,000 miles. New guy here!

    You should also check sources like “Plan B”. They are a company in California. That way you will see what can also be added to these vehicles.
  12. TOBASH

    Interested in buying a 90 6.2 Hmmv with 59,000 miles. New guy here!

    That is a base model unit with no top. Price should be 15k tops. Just check out E-Pay to confirm. If you want to spend that money for a rebuilt truck, check out “Plan-B”. They restore and modify HMMWV’s and such professionally and at high volume. IMHO Best, T
  13. TOBASH

    Towing weight equation- Do I need trailer brakes?

    Those things look awesome BUT I prefer my Easybrake system with mechanical brake activation. Pulled a Landcruiser round trip of 4400 miles with one. Felt like I was pulling and stopping a feather. I strongly recommend using any brake activation device you can get. Best T
  14. TOBASH

    Towing weight equation- Do I need trailer brakes?

    Always use the assistive braking system! Makes your drive safer. If you live near snow or ice, then it’s a no brainer. If not, rain or oil on the road can make a routine trip a disaster without assistive brakes IMHO Happy trailed. T
  15. TOBASH

    HMMWV 3-speed reliability

    Papal, I don’t understand your reply. What is I ho mak?
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