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    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    Well escuse me for posting. Another Ahab, was not aware of those post, so I decided to help him out. Since you don't like me helping out fellow members, I will no longer comment on other peoples post. I hope this makes you happy.
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    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    Here's a article about the fire.
  3. Wolfen

    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    They jury rigged a fuel supply for the APU. While taxing for takeoff, a leak developed. The fuel caught fire and burned up everything but the propellers if I remember correctly. Very sad. There is a B29 at the bottom of lake Mead in AZ. It crashed after WWII. Scuba divers, can go visit it.
  4. Wolfen

    B-29 "Doc" Awarded New Airworthiness Certificate

    To bad the B-29 in Greenland, burned up.
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    Woke up to Orange Sun, Raining Ash & No Power

    No wind here. Still extremely smokey which is causing unhealthy air quality. Supposedly, we will get some wiond and rain tonight which is supposed to get rid of the smoke. I hope this happens.. I would like the state of Oregon to tell the public why they let the peachie creek fire in the Santiam...
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    WC59 Telephone Maintenance Truck

    Good luck in your search.
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    Woke up to Orange Sun, Raining Ash & No Power

    The smoke is so thick here today. I can only see the length of two power poles. Fortunately, the power has stayed on and no evacuation notice has been issued for my area. I found out yesterday, that Oregon's incompetent government, knew about the fire in the Santiam canyon last month and failed...
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    Another WC63 found...

    Great find.
  9. Wolfen

    New member from Oregon

    Greetings from Woodburn.
  10. Wolfen

    Another WC63 found...

  11. Wolfen

    New to me WC63

    Well the community college plan and the inmate plan went down the drain thanks to corona. On the bright side, I was able to take it out for a drive today. It ran great! Engine did not lose power and die. Apparentlly crud in the gas tank was the culprit. I will try and take it out for a longer...
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    Buyer beware, Austin Mn

    That sucks. I would take him to court.
  13. Wolfen

    1941 GMC k-18 signal corp panel truck reunion

    Very cool story.
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