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    Help ID M37 LWB

    With that frame reinforcement it could also have been an ambulance and now has m37 cab and bed on it. M37's did not come like that from the factory with the space between the bed and cab..
  2. xm708

    New to me m59 dump truck...

    John tennis has an nos engine. Hint hint..
  3. xm708

    New to me m59 dump truck...

    No problem at all I like to see them saved too... one day I will get one they are out there. There is a parts dump down at Murrys ya know ?? Quarter fenders are the same as duece tractor and m215 style dump and m211 style tractor. Murry has quarter fenders also...
  4. xm708

    New to me m59 dump truck...

    Don't forget m215 dumps have same protector. How did you find this rare piece ??
  5. xm708

    M59 speed issue.

    any chance your m59 has the original data plate on the dash specific to the m59 ? if so any chance of a few pictures of it ? looking at a dump with no plate no cab protector tool box or mud flaps
  6. xm708

    Got a new (M275 Tractor) project a few weeks ago

    Been searching for pieces to an m59 dump truck and found a toolbox for behind your cab and pretty sure the spare carrier too. TNJ murray has a M342 that's been pretty stripped.
  7. xm708

    M215 or m59 cab protector

    Has anybody seen any duece dumper sitting and rotting ? I may be getting an m59 in the spring and she is missing her cab protector. Thete is a M215 in maine on rt 11 but can't get any response from any maine members. Also tnj murray has a complete bed and won't sell separately .. anybody seen...
  8. xm708

    m59 versus 342a2

    dumper I will check those two for the tool box. I notice the sides are definately different of the cab protectors for sure. Thanks for the info from both of you guys.
  9. xm708

    m59 versus 342a2

    I know the beds are physically longer on the 342 but are the cab protectors the same ? I may have found an m59 and she is missing her cab protector, tool box and data plate.. I know the m215 and m59 were the same just wasn't sure of the 342.. Thanks guys my little m37 dump needs a big brother
  10. xm708

    The VTCS m756a2 Pipeline Truck

    Hats off to you guys for getting that truck back up here. I am glad it will be used again and enjoyed. Too bad he didn't leave all the new tires in the bed !! George is smiling down on you for bringing it home !!
  11. xm708

    Experimental 5/4t? - XM705

    m705 hard to believe bids not going any higher ??
  12. xm708

    XM 705 anybody ??

    seal Any good bearing shop should be able to get you one with the outer diameter and shaft size at least I have done that before..
  13. xm708

    XM 705 anybody ??

    Hands down that xm705 was more reliable and a better power plant than the infamous tornado six jeep had. only reason they went with the m715 was because they could buy 5 for the cost of 4 chevys. Thumbs upon the Chevy XM705 I missed one 5 years ago and wished I had gotten it. Nice truck Steve !
  14. xm708


    I met George when I was active duty coast guard. Bugged him for a job and the friendship began. Towed many a truck for him over these years and loved it all. He was a mentor good friend and a adopted father to me. He invited us to his NC home he referred to as tranquility base (married guys...
  15. xm708

    pipeline truck value ?

    pipeline Thanks guys That's what I had figured. I have a rare m37 dump and I know some value on other rarities but have not seen one of these suckers come up lately. I know she is rust free and has the trunion and all BII so she is nice and stored indoors since owned for 15 years so she is...
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