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Thread: markings and color combination

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    Default Reviving old thread for new evidence

    Reviving this old thread on color and marking for new evidence.

    It is now completely sure that the truck is from between 1965 and 1967, based on

    The Hood Number, which is a registration number which STAYS WITH THE TRUCK THROUGHOUT ITS LIVE CYLCE
    That narrows it down to 1960-1967.

    Comparing the 9-place serial number, the truck is from 1964-1965.

    The engine definitely is from 1965; overhauled in 1973. The Garwood winch also has been overhauled in 1973. So for me, the truck is from 1965.

    Unfortunately, the Dutch Department of Transport will not change the dates, so the paper work refers to 1973.

    Live history.
    1965 - 1973. No idea where the truck was before 19173
    1973 - 1986, the truck was in the USA with the Engineers in New Hampshire.
    1986: the truck is written out of the Army administration and probably transferred to the POMS deport in Ter Apel, Netherlands.
    1999-2000: truck in rusted and damaged state as seen on the pictures bought by first Dutch owner.
    2010: truck bought by me, made street-legal and transported to the Czech Republic.

    Color: where trucks repainted during overhaul?

    Maybe the best would be to restore it to the 386 Engineers Battalion period but with the 1965 colors. Any opinions?
    If 1965, the color would be 24087 and the lettering still white?

    If overhauled in 1973, would the lettering be changed to black or is that something that was done in the POMS depot after 1986?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robo McDuff View Post
    67Beast, I was thinking to reopen a thread on my engine about that because of some further inspection I did after cleaning the engine. It looks that the engine might be from 1965 and that might fit with what you say. Below the ID plate from the dash, left, and one of the ID shields on the engine.

    Attachment 460587 Attachment 460586

    The ID shield on the dash mentions the serial number, but not a date of delivery. The shield on the engine mentions " overhauled at... Date 12.1.1973" Just above that, hard to see maybe on the pics are some words which are part of the casting of the engine block. Something like "..ring order 156..." and below it, just above the ID shield: 1.14.65!

    Attachment 460588

    Below the overhaul shield there was another alu shield, completely unreadable.
    The other engine shield mentions that this is an LDS 456 1, not LDS 456 1A as I always thought (what is the difference?)

    So if really a 1965 truck (sounds better than 1973), why the paperwork saying that number fits a 1973 truck according carnac? Any way to find this out conclusively?

    Edit: I am not doubting carnac, I am wondering about the Army paperwork.
    Kaiser Jeep ended on or before 1970, then it was "General Products Division of " and later became "AMG" about 1971. I know because I have deuces with all three different 'manufacturer' markings.
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