I think it is the gauge or sending unit. i don't think it is actually that hot. I will get another IR gun if i can't find mine this week. I have Flow Kooler pump, brand new spectra copper radiator. I am using stock fan and clutch at this time, may change to a better fan. At this time I have no hood so the fan clutch has yet to kick in.
I have a leroy diesel A-team turbo. no waste gate. I think i am getting a little more boost out of it than the banks. At half throttle acceleration I get 1 to 2 psi. I have yet to get the truck over 50 mph. IF I floor it I can get the boost gauge over 5 psi and the exhaust temp goes to 600. I get a small amount of black smoke when I get on the throttle but not a lot. I have a 90 degree elbow pointing up from the turbo so no muffler or tail pipe at this time.
I am planning on getting the exhaust done in the next couple weeks so I can get it inspected and on the road for some better testing. I just need the exhaust, parking brake installed and I have to fix my windshield wipers in order to get the inspection done. I did add some air to the tires and the road handling improved a lot I only had 30 psi when I first started driving it.
Thanks for the input