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Thread: Special M35 steering gear project

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    Quote Originally Posted by patracy View Post
    There's only one owner of SS if you're implying anything. I'm just here to keep the ship going. You do realize that the moderating staff make $0 at this? And a huge expenditure of the funds collected from the site is for hosting the site itself? (Due to the sheer size of our database, files, exc.)
    This site must make a pretty sum of money considering all the adds from venders and from dues from the community itself.
    Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in making money. That is the capitalist system at it's core. It's giving the site that has treated people unfairly due to favoritism extra money that I find rather disgusting at this time.
    I'm more then willing to help out with people's problems, but making something that has a large monetary value free to that site. No.

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    Sorry you feel that way. If you know of someone who can host the site for free or cheaply, please let me know. As well as provide the same uptime and backend service to support a half a terabyte. It would be wonderful to cut back on ads.

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