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Thread: I'm new to Deuce world.

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    Thank you !
    So I need to add lead additive to the gaz.
    Dextron ATF for the tranny, 10 measure of fluid for 1 measure of additive, but what are those additive ?

    So far i've set up a temporarely fuel pump on the line, and im pumping from a 5 gallons tank,
    I've fixed the lower tank of the radiator, which was blown
    Pulled out carb to clean and create homemade new gasket
    I've been able to road test, and roll the cable.. which was rolled all around the bumper.
    Today ive pull out the gaz tank out of the hole, washed it. I Need to weld a few crack underneath.h
    Is that breather on the picture is supose to be full like that ? Is it a filter ?
    I'll have to change every fluid, so a Lube chart would be appreciate, if there's one
    The tranny oil is milky, the engine oil is propably 45 year old.
    there's no brake, no horn. So.. no air

    I paid 1500$ for it.
    Ill take better picture of what i actually have and post it later.

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    That is the chassis vent, all the gear cases and axles vent to that point, and yes, supposed to have filter material in there. I just looked at the LO and nothing real special about it, 85W90 gear oil in the axles and transfer, good EP grease in the zerks and wheel bearings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDT View Post
    That is the chassis vent
    Also known as the Slobber Tube!

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    Bonjour et bienvenue. Rangez votre équipement et profitez des sons joyeux du G749 Green Giant.
    Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français, bien que je commence à bien dire: "La plaque" C "doit aller à la toilette.

    Are you hoping to insure and register the truck for the road? We need to see how that process is going to work now that
    SAAQ brought some serious challenges to Quebec and combustion engine collectors. If you go through the insurance process I'd really
    appreciate details and if you need help, I know someone that knows someone.

    In TM 9-8024 you'll find a small chart with oil info for the engine and transmission on page 122.
    The problem is it just says OE 30 or 10 wt.
    It translates to straight 10 weight , non-detergent oil in winter, 30 wt. non detergent in summer.

    We've got 3 trucks in Alberta set up with the old oil spec and it seems to work. Auto trans works for some and Hy-trans tractor oil has worked for others. Pick your flavour. The TM's
    available here are a little tough to look through but are easier to read in a hot tub with a beverage.

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    Until about 12 years ago I used to buy a product called "Real Lead" and it was also a 104+ octane boost. It had actual TCL(sp?) in it and it really did bring back the gray color inside the exhaust pipes. At the time it came in quart cans , 5 gallon pails, and 55gal drums . A bit pricey but was worth it in my 1940's-50's engines that were still in my contracting business. It was made in the USA. For the few old gas engines that remain with me, I strictly use non-ethanol 91 octane and a little diesel fuel or motor oil for the valves. Many lead-substitutes I've sampled smell like fuel-oil. I wouldn't be surprised if that's all it was. Steer away from ATF or other red-dyed oils in your fuel if Quebec has anything against "red fuel" on the highways as does the USA.
    M38A1, "XM38A5", M100, "M100" spen w/hoops, M416, M880, M890, M49C, M49A2C, M108, M109A3, 2-M35A2's (sold), M51, 2-M51A2's, M52, IHC M62 w/A2 "upgrade," M813, M817, XM818, 2-M818's, M750 expandable, M116A2 w/1-mep003, 2-mep003 stationaries, ex-army IHC L-172 + multitudes of non-mil heavy trucks & equip. Looking to trade FLD120 w/new DD60 475hp & 10sp fuller for M915A3. Bad knee, want automatic tranny version. MTOC-Engr FLW, MO 1970's and others incl armor to jan91. VSG 2000's

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    use aviation fuel it has lead in it. 100 octane low lead. its blue.

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    Hey congrats on grabbing a great truck tabernac! Welcome to the fun and hello from the left coast.
    Keep your ear to the ground for tires tires! 1100-20 and 1200-20. The folks on here will have you covered for whatever tech you could need.


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