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Thread: cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

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    Default cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    with so many people looking to pick one up i decided to make public what the "real" cost of one of these trucks is, or at least the cost to get it up and running and on the road. i guess what inspired this is the fact that we look at these as a bargain (they are) but not many know what they are really getting into. besides Ive seen a few (like myself) stretch themselves to the max for a cool toy. (i don't regret it one bit)

    lets start with the cost of the truck

    i knew what i wanted after much reading and debate. i wanted a multifuel D turbo truck with winch, air shift T-case, hard top, and heater. i also wanted a truck with the troop seats, bows and cover. had to be in serviceable condition, i.e. jump start and intact and operable drive train. i am mechanically inclined and can physically fix most problems (with guidance on new areas) but am limited in access to equipment needed for heavy work such as engine and tranny swaps. body needed to be intact and repairable.

    i decided to go the GL route. after selecting several candidates i began bidding. honestly i went beyond what i wanted to but only a little, bidding was tough and i was limited in locations because of my need to minimize recovery cost.

    my truck closed at $3,001.00 considering what i am comfortable with this. next we have the 10% GL fee and $60 sf-97 charge.

    upon preloadout inspection the trucks brakes had been found to be inoperable. after many calls and the help of a fellow member i was able to have the truck towed 100 miles to the members place where i could begin working on it. the tow cost me $420 (a bargain compared to what most tow companies wanted)

    drove home to order parts, $50 in gas for the car trip

    misc parts and batteries cost me $350

    registration, state sales tax, and insurance cost me another $625. im insured for $450 a year for a regular policy and its got commercial plates (only because of vehicle weight)

    upon my return to retrieve the truck it will cost me another $50 for the car trip, aprox. $150 in fuel to drive the truck back and i expect $40-50 in misc. stuff from the local auto parts store.

    all and all that brings the grand total to... $5,106

    i personally don't know how some of the others here have fared but i still feel i got a relative bargain. private sale trucks fresh off GL with winch go for as little as 3500 and usually don't come with the bows and tarp (about $500 more) and in this case there is no guarantee it will be in any better than mine. also the issues i have to fix are things that should be serviced from a safety point anyway so really inevitable cost. registration cost would be the same. the only possible avoidable cost would have been the tow bill but that was a relatively small cost overall.

    again i hope this helps to put into perspective what it will cost for those of you considering one and on a budget. please don't think I'm trying to deter anyone

    Edit: third trip and air pack... +$500.00...
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    I agree 2,300 for truck 500 shipping. Spent another 500 for tarps and troop seat. 400 parts radiator last month. Filter and fuilds 300, flat tire, sending units, oil gauge, data plates, tools.

    5k is about normal.

    40 year old 6x6 cost money to maintain and run.
    1971 M35A2 W/W D Turbo

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    I paid $2400.00 at auction, plus 10% commission, but no taxes for my 1969 M35A2 W/W. I was lucky in that most tires were relatively new, almost new batteries, brakes were great, cargo top almost new, all bows and seats and hard top in good shape. After one year, lost 5th gear and replaced trans for $200.00 and $125.00 for new clutch parts. Another $20.00 for a new tire tube and $20.00 for tire change. I have had no other problems in one year of driving, having put around 2500 miles on it. I consider it to be very reliable.

    Oh, and I did replace the shocks for around $60.00 - I can't remember exactly.
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    I'm with you all the way! Same same. I took batteries and drove mine home. Took 30 minutes to get it up and running including trouble shooting. 50 miles to my house. Condon and Skelly added it to my policy for 37 dollars. Title transfer with Historical plates cost 20.00 bucks. Cargo cover and troop seats C turbo, boarding ladder, two new tires and wheels, troop strap, paint, misc. stuff another 1200.00. I'm in mine minus labor for 4500.00. You won't buy it from me for that! I will die with it cause it's now my buddy! My Grandson loves it and frankly won't get out of the cab until I shut it off. I think I know who gets it when I'm gone. The 6x6 is just a great piece of machinery. I've never had anyone not smile, honk, or salute me. How could you not love this machine! John

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    For me - it had nothing to do with the cost.
    I have been in the trucking industry over 49 years as a multi skilled mechanic - and I do not use that term lightly.

    I literally HATE asking anyone for help and would just as soon cut off a finger before I would ask for any sort of help. Those that know me - know when I finally ask - I have hit the inveitable end of the tunnel and asking to see the light.

    I have seen folks buy stuff - and wonder why no one will help them when they cannot and do not have the skills to do the most basic of tasks - they sit back and wonder WHY !!

    Ain't got no tools and purchase a big truck or smaller one -

    I have seen those that have some skills - will ask for help and dig right in to help - those folks I love helping if they wish to learn - I do not know much but with them I am more than willing to help.

    Costs can play a crucial role in getting a "bigger" truck and those that are unaware should look into their budget and skill level and maybe with folks around them them have already helped and can easily get some sort of help from.

    Some folks that bought them that were clueless - and forgive me for saying if it hurts anyone's "feeling" should just sell them and get out from under them - because they are in over their heads.

    I am new here and only been here a short time and there are much more knowledgable folks than I and I salute their knowledge - but I know my skill - tools I already own - and my resources to get myself into this piece of history.

    From the costs you listed - I would say that is still at the bottom of the totem pole and realitively within reason - but eh - what do I know.

    I thank the SS site for having the manuals here in the resouces area so I can read - read - read and search and print and read more before I ask anything.
    I probably read more thread than I post my crazy stuff on.

    BIG GREEN solid iron - that very few would own - and it is OD or CARC - costs play no part in it with me. And I belong to an awesome group that are just as sick as I am - priceless.

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    I paid $2500 for mine, $200 for insurance apprx, $200 for registration title fees etc., put i think $50 in gas, plus $200 for setup for filtering used oils and made $225 scrapping some steel I had. So $3150-$225=$2925 and free fuel for life! I'm getting a hard top for $200, the bows and rear tarp are about $500, I'm sure I can do something for heat, I need to fix the wipers, replace a headlight, fix some rust, new batteries eventually so probably add up another $1000 for that and misc. parts and I'm at about $4000. I'd say that's more than reasonable for such an impressive vehicle.

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    I am already in the hole 9533.12(including NJ state tax) and I haven't even gotten it home yet.
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    Well I am fairly new to the MV world as a new owner of an m109a3. Gl auction winning bid was 2400.00 add the 10% for gl and I opted for hauling mine ( I know chicken) but I figured the 1000.00 to ship it would be cheaper than towing if I broke down. I've research for a good 3yrs and been monitoring the gl website like a crack addict....... So I got roughly 3600.00 into it so far but it was depot in 92 and had what looks like a fresh motor,tranny and all the tires were 90% or better. My wife thinks I'm going through a midlife thing boy is she in for it when I do have it. I told her i chose to bid on the 109 so that I could convert it to a camper (thanks ZOUT for the post looks great.) So for 3600.00 plus reg and insurance 250.00 close to 4 grand and I haven't even started the camper portion yet. The truck runs great and at the end of the day when I come home and I see my duece sitting in the yard............I just smile and say" I got a duece" now that to me is PRICELESS!!!!!!

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    Well, my story runs about the same as all of you.

    Zout I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments about people who are in over their heads. There are many who should sell and get something a bit less "mechanical".
    Also, like you, I had the tools and a lot of experience, more than enough to deal with a deuce. I do not mind at all helping people, but I also have the same attitude about don't sit there and watch me work.

    As to my story, I paid $939 for my truck plus the roughly 15% for tax and GL
    I paid $800 to get it hauled home.
    I have spent over $2500 in parts, improvements and modifications on my truck since 2009. All told, I would guess I have $4500 or more in my deuce not counting my labor.

    I bought my truck sight unseen. I took the chance because at what I had invested, even if it was crap, and not worth fixing, I could have sold the tires, axles and any hard parts still good, then scrapped the rest for the steel and made my money back.
    My bid was as high as I would venture knowing I had no idea what I was getting.

    What did I get?
    A freshly depot rebuilt truck with an LDS engine, with less than 10 hours. New tires. all undercarriage components in rebuilt or new condition.

    The only issue was the brake system which was a mess. This truck sat for a long long time with water in the master and airpack. Six new wheel cylinders, a new master, rebuilt Air pack and now she is good to go. I did not mention having to fix the radiator and brush guard as well as replacing the hood due to the accident the truck was in when the brakes failed in service. This is why the truck was parked for so long as best I can tell.

    Would I do it again, oh yeah!!!!!

    I am looking for another deuce, well sort of, to add to my fleet.


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    I have seen the prices fluctuate wildly since I started buying through first deuce cost me 2300 plus the buyers fee and tax.....600 to have it hauled from SC to AL.

    It was a winch truck with hard top and was loaded with tools and equipment.

    It had a "redneck gun turret" made out of a cut off 55 gallon drum.

    Since then I have bought deuces for as low a 1000 each (bought four of them at once in Arkansas).

    I sold most of them to support my MV addiction.

    The two money pits were the M816 wrecker and the M915.

    I went though my account at GL and totaled up all my purchases....over 20K in the last five years.

    I figure it is not the worse way to spend my kid's inheiritence.....I could be getting lap dances at the local titty bar.

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