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Thread: cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

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    I think I have a different perspective on cost than most of you guys. Yes I am new at this hobby and may well need a lesson. I looked for a long time for a flatbed for hauling my bees around. I am a hobbyist beekeeper but based on demand.. want to become at least the classification of sideliner. I want to be up to about 300 hives in the next couple of years. That being said.. The ONLY affordable flatbed truck in ANY kind of shape was the M35A2C. Adding a low bid 1.5 ton trailer for $170 gave me the same room to stack hive boxes as I would have with a commercial long flat bed. I know there will be items that require maintenance, replacement, etc. This cost would have to replace this truck three times over to just scratch the cost of a commercial flatbed.

    This is a hobby but it is also a business expense and the whole shabang will be expensed on my income tax.

    With this truck I can place bees ANYWHERE. Not just a few hundred yards off the main roads. I have already contacted the Department of Interior to place them in the National Forest in some areas not well traveled. Places not well traveled makes my wildflower honey bees very happy.

    After expanding to 300 hives I will be in a position to sell pollination service contracts which is where the big money is in the bee business. Demand far exceeds supply for healthy bees.

    My real question is if I feed them green food color sugar water, can I get me some camo bees out of it?

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    I purchased my truck from an individual, with prev tag and title, just had to transfer it.
    1. M35A2C $3,900.00
    2. Paint touch up and rust preventive. $200.00+
    3. Exhaust Stack, Gskt. And Clamp $153.67
    4. Cargo Bows. $120.00 plus hardware
    5. Troop seats. $325.00
    6. Pioneer Tool Rack (no tools) $35.00
    Tools $75.00
    7. Front Bumper Shackles $20.00

    8. Seat Covers (Beachwood Canvas) $398.64
    9. CAT Master Switch and wire $80.00
    P/N 7N0718 $66.88 new from Cat.
    10. New heater hoses. $45.00
    11. Cargo Cover; GMA Covers
    54331, Cover Assy, Cargo, 12',
    Green 383 Medium Truck M35 $496.36

    Total $5,848.67
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    I am about $23k into mine and that includes my flights to get it, 1900mile ride home, all NOS replacement parts ect…..And I am nowhere near done yet! J
    Currently it’s in tip top mechanical shape
    My wife thinks I’m an idiot! But then again I did tell her why doctor’s slap the babies ass when their born – so the ****s fall off the dumb ones! And even funnier! She doesn’t get it!!!!

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    22,000.00 into my two M820 and I dont even have them home yet.

    Already looking at another 20 grand in custom work on them for the RV conversions.
    11B series pop up target
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    I think what you have in it depends on the condition the truck was when you got it.I hear alot of guys say they got their truck for $1,500 or $2,500.But it my need a window or seats,top,tires,title,batteries,or a radiator ect,that adds up.I gave $4,000 for a winch truck with title from C&C that really didnt need much at all.I've had mine for over a year and with no problems.Almost everything that I've done is upgrades.It even came with manuals and tools.But being at the right place or bidding at the right time you might get a good truck for a decent price.
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    I have to add, research and decide what you want first. That winch, troop seats, heater or bows and cover could add a lot to an initially cheap Deuce if you want to add later.
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    the little parts are adding up quick, fuel system parts, break system rebuild, axle seals, boots, bushings, and various upgrades. paints next...
    1971 general products M35a2 w/w sent to BC 4/27, paid in full dated 7/12!!!

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    Well, bought mine from Gl
    Truck - 1858.33
    Light switch - 79.00
    Head Lamp - 32.99
    Homemade radio box - 12.50
    WMO filter setup - 39.61
    Fuel - Priceless (^^ get it!?)
    I roughly got 2k in it, and been driving for about a month and a half, every day!..
    Boy do the principals have a giggle or two when i roll up!

    Proud to Drive OD!

    1971 Gen. Products Div. M35A2 heat, hardtop, bows and tarp W/OW Soon to be W/W!

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    I bought my bobbed duce w/w and put over $3000 into it the first month i had it. then about another $1500 after that, but i love this truck and will continue puting money into it until i die or sell it..

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    I got into a wicked bidding war with a collector over the M36 I got off GL.... $9,600 ish all said and done. When I did the math and fabrication time to lengthen an M35 or buy a Civ truck and make it 6x6, I was fine with the end price - especially since the holding location was only 120 miles away and the truck was in fantastic condition!!!

    Funny story - A mechanic I work with in the Gov't told me to go and see someone at the DRMO and get the scoop on a different M35 I had originally been looking at in another state. When I arrived to meet the head mechanic, he said "That was fast!!! Are you here to see our truck I just posted on GL???" - I told him, "I am NOW!!!". Not only did he give me the run down of the M36 they had, but he ran the VIN off of the truck I was looking at to see if it ran through his region. The M36 had just been overhauled in 96 for deployment to Israel, but was decommissioned for auction. Fantastic men to work with. When I got my EUC, we got it started, inspected and drove it for almost a year before mechanical things started popping up!

    To date:
    Log Loader $12,500
    T-Case PTO $350
    PTO shaft to hydraulic pump and tank with fittings/hose $1000
    All the heavy steel to build 3 bunks in the bed, shorten bed 2 ft, fabricate a mounting plate for the log loader, extend log loader stabilizer legs $1000
    Pre-bought 12 new torsion inserts for when the rubber starts to let go in the arms $750???
    11 new Goodyear G177's installed with tubes $4,400
    Extra lights, batteries, wiring, new soft top, radiator repair, brake system rebuild, front end maintenance, block heater, mirrors... $2000
    and the endless nickle and dime-ing of fluids, fuel, grease, filters, new tools and time!!!!

    I usually just tell folks I have about $40,000 in a mini logging truck.
    I'm sure I'm missing something, mis-priced something above, or my mind has just suppressed the amount of money I've "invested" in things for it.... as my wife's eye's roll around shaking her head walking away.......

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