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Thread: A04-53 engine for early mule

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    Interested in your 4cyl mule engines
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddawg308 View Post
    A buddy of mine called and said he got a 4-cylinder mechanical mule engine in trade, wants me to get rid of it. I think I'll pick it up off him and try and sell it myself in the classifieds.

    Anyways, judging from what he has told me, it's a A04-53 4-cylinder gas engine. I have never seen an early mule, all the mules I have run into are the later ones with the 2-cylinder engine. What I am curious about is, are the 4-cyl engines desirable? How are they in terms of power, reliability, replacement part availability, ease of maintenance? Is it worth my effort to try and save this, or were they replaced by the military on the mules because they were a steaming pile of crap?

    Any help is appreciated...
    madddawg, a friend of mine is a mule collector/re builder, and he said the 4 cyl. Willys engines are valuable to the right person. He also said parts are available and parts prices are reasonable. On the down side he said there are very few complete 4 cyl. Mules around.
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    FYI, I've been in contact with maddawg, he doesn't have the engine any longer.

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