0-60 in the DuraVee


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This is my first try at a video using a real cheap camera, I do not understand why the sound and video are not in sync, (It is in the original .AVI file) I actually reach 60 and get off the gas at the 55MPH sign (before the driveway to the right)
As you can see I have to do a soft rolling start or I just go up in smoke, I did not start to accelerate until the shadow from the overhead cable, I never actually reach full throttle, I count about 7 seconds which is not too impressive and it could have been much lower but I did not want to chance loosing control given the circumstances. even so the tires squeal through second and third
Turn the volume way up, also the camera does not pick up the Cheetah turbo at all, I am running a stock 385HP tune today
Is there a video?


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I am not sure, maybe someone took exception to my video, here is another link, different video same scenario, I am on a little traveled road, there is ZERO chance of cross traffic as there is an abandoned RR on my left with the first access road WELL over a mile ahead and a pasture to my right (lots of escape room), I have one vehicle coming towards me so TO BE SURE I am taking it easy, I shut down at 60MPH which is only 5 MPH over then coast down to 50MPH.
I will try this again! The video and the sound again for some reason does not sync, I actually reach 60MPH at the last light pole on the left, you can see the delay at the end, this again is not on the original AVI file.
On this run the actual time is less than 8 sec, and again I am being conservative.
Those are not belts squealing!!
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